Henry Lomas

Henry Lomas

Henry Lomas is a short story writer known for his best-known work “The Gift of the Magi.” In it combines selflessness with love in an emotionally devastating twist.

He was imprisoned until being granted pardon in 1860, becoming a member of the Society of Friends in that time.

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Early Life and Education

He was a graduate of Staples High School in Westport CT and the University of New Hampshire, with an avid love for golfing, hunting and fishing – sharing these hobbies with family and friends alike. Additionally, he traveled widely; visiting over 80 countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Australia in his lifetime.

He was the son of David Lomas and Martha Hammond and had six siblings: James Lomas, John Lomas and five others.

There may only be two families in the US who first arrived here before the American Revolution with this name; both claim it to be Lomas although city directories often spell it Loomis. Many MyHeritage DNA test takers descend from Lomas family members – check out their stories here!

Professional Career

Harry Lomas entered dairy farming during the 1890s. He set up a butter factory in Warrnambool using cream separation and refrigeration technology to produce high-quality butter, while also creating an extensive market in Warrnambool for fresh milk sales.

He would spend his free time reading newspapers, working out at the gym and walking his dogs Missy and Penny. Additionally, he was very involved with his church and frequently offered support and advice to people experiencing difficulties.

He was an exceptionally talented musician and singer, loved his family deeply and was immensely proud of both of his children – Kimberly and Jack as well as his siblings; all three are left to mourn his passing at West Philadelphia Cemetery, Pennsylvania.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Lomas was an eminent journalist who enthusiastically covered political matters with great passion. He enjoyed reporting speeches, debates and the introduction of bills with great gusto; also keeping tabs on national economic developments such as bank failures in country areas; as well as being fascinated with Baptist congregations and their membership.

Pheobe Lomas became his wife and they went on to have three children before he passed away at age 73 in Pennsylvania in 1915.

Henry Lomas won the O. Henry Prize, an ancient major short story award in America founded by William Sydney Porter (O. Henry), known for writing tales that combine selflessness and love. Since 1919 – with an exception in 2020 – this annual competition is published by Anchor Books and stands as one of the world’s premier writing accolades.

Personal Life

Lomas has served on various boards and published multiple research papers throughout his life. When not serving or publishing papers, he enjoys traveling, music and theater performances as well as relaxing with his Australian Shepherd Ruby. Lomas is also an avid history enthusiast specializing in military history with particular attention paid to Cold War history.

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Net Worth

Golf’s top earners typically make between $5-10 million each year, but lower ranked players typically receive much less compensation. Lomas earned six professional victories during his career.

He is currently dating actress Nicola Mimnagh, best known as Debbie Dingle from Emmerdale. They began dating towards the end of last season.

He finds great pleasure in working out at the gym, gardening, walking his dogs Missy and Penny, reading newspapers and playing with his grandbabies in his free time. Additionally, he has become involved with multiple charitable causes and socially active. With a great personality and demeanor that are humble yet down-to-earth; this amazing man truly has an enormous heart!

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