Henry Malakian

Henry Malakian

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Henri Verneuil was born as Achod Malakian in Rodosto, Turkey and moved with his family to Marseilles as a child. As an adult he documented their story through two films Mayrig and 588 rue de Paradis.

Early Life and Education

In 1924, Achod Malakian (Henri Verneuil) and his family fled genocide in western Armenia by sea on an old tub, eventually settling in Marseille where he graduated from a French lyceum and worked as a journalist.

Verneuil produced numerous films during his career that were both critically and commercially well received, yet were scorned by film critics and members of the artistic aristocracy. These movies celebrated working-class people while celebrating individualism and rejecting established authorities with joyous abandon.

Verneuil explored his Armenian roots in two films, Mayrig and 588 rue Paradis, while Patrick, also an award-winning film director, has adopted and lived out this heritage as a filmmaker himself. After Verneuil passed away on January 11, 2002 in Bagnolet near Paris, several streets and squares across both France and Armenia bore his name.

Professional Career

Professionally, he was known as both a film director and playwright. Born to Armenian parents in Rodosto, East Thrace Turkey, he recounted their journey from Turkey to France through Mayrig, which became a 1991 movie directed by him; its sequel 588 Rue Paradis followed suit two years later.

He was an Honorary member of the French Academy of Fine Arts until his death at Bagnolet, near Paris in 2002.

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Achievement and Honors

Henri Verneuil (born Ashot Malakian) was a prolific French filmmaker of Armenian origin who created over thirty films during his long and fruitful career, in addition to writing plays for the theater. Born in Rodosto, Turkey and then moving with his family to Marseilles France as a child, He graduated from Aix-en-Provence’s Nationale des Arts et Metiers before working as journalist until becoming editor-in-chief of “Horizon”, an Armenian magazine.

He directed two films about his experiences during the Armenian genocide in 1915: Mayrig and 588 Rue Paradis. Later he became naturalized French citizen and received an honorary Cesar (France’s equivalent of Oscar) in 1996.

Henri Malakian’s son, television director Patrick Malakian, has long been active within the Armenian community in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur and France and often visits Armenia to implement projects. Numerous streets and squares both countries bear his name as tribute.

Personal Life

Henry Malakian of System of a Down has made waves as an activist on behalf of Armenia. He has supported refugees’ rights in Lebanon while criticizing US imperialism – earning himself criticism even from members of his own band.

Henri Verneuil was born Achod Malakian, to Armenian parents in 1920 in Rodosto, East Thrace Turkey and relocated with them to Marseilles France where his family settled. Recounting his childhood experience through Mayrig (dedicated to his mother), which later inspired a 1991 film with the same title; as well as its sequel 588 Rue Paradis.

His work is greatly influenced by his Armenian heritage and genocide victims’ history. He enjoys music, art and writing. Currently residing at 415 Canyon Dr Glendale CA 91206

Net Worth

Serj Tankian’s participation and successful performances with System of a Down have exponentially increased his net worth. Furthermore, he founded his own record label called EatUrMusic Records that has allowed him to increase his earnings further. Since launching this label he has released 12 singles, five studio albums, 23 music videos as well as being active as a social activist assisting those less fortunate – not forgetting his two children with wife Tamar whom he is married to as well as an engaging website where his fans can visit and voice their views directly with him!

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