Hercules Motor Website: New Features

Herkules Motor Website: Clarity and many new featuresThe Adly and Cectek importer presents itself on its completely revised Herkules Motor website with up-to-date and extensive information as well as clear product categories and easy navigation. The visual representation of the Herkules Motor website has been redesigned and fundamentally improved. “During the redesign, particular importance was attached to the fact that the unique program variety of Herkules Motor comes into its own,” emphasizes Kai Telsnig from Herkules Motor, who, with extensive features, technical data, images, videos and documents on the respective product, gives visitors a offers an informative world of experience.

Herkules Motor Website: Technical data, images, videos & documents

The start page of the Herkules Motor website is animated; Alternating images provide information on the wide range of products and new products at a glance. Thanks to the optimized search engine, suitable search results are displayed after input. Herkules Motor website: also optimized for smartphonesHowever, the heart of the new product search is the product filter in the respective category. Various filter options are available to the user, above all according to manufacturer, motor, drive or power, in order to quickly find the right product.

Comparison list to compare different vehicle types

Products in which the visitor is interested can easily be put on the wish list. The highlight is the comparison list, in which up to four different products can be compared to make the purchase decision easier.
Visitors can also find an overview of all Herkules Motor specialist dealers on the Herkules Motor website. Hercules engineWhen you enter the postcode or the name of the place and the product group, the relevant specialist dealers within a radius of 30 kilometers are displayed.
The Herkules Motor website is also available as a mobile version for smartphones and iPhones. x

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