Herkules Motor becomes Euromotor

Euromotor: MD Adolf TelsnigAs part of its further expansion, Herkules Motor GmbH & Co. KG announces its change of name to Euromotor GmbH & Co. KG. For this purpose, the importer Herkules Motor GmbH & Co. KG, which is well-known in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, has entered the new company name ‘Euromotor GmbH & Co. KG’ in the commercial register. Herkules Motor sold ATVs, quads, buggies, bikes and scooters from the brands Adly, Cectek and Megelli through qualified specialist dealers in the countries mentioned above. “As a logical consequence, the change of name takes account of the constant growth and positive company development in recent years,” says Adolf Telsnig, who manages Euromotor together with his son Kai.

Euro engine: MD Kai Telsnig

telsnig – Hercules engine – Euro engine

Herkules Motor – now Euromotor – emerged in 2003 as an independent company from telsnig Forst- & Gartentechnik, which was founded in 1975. With more than 2,000 active specialist trade partners, telsnig forestry and gardening technology is now the largest independent importer of gardening technology in Germany and acts as a general agency for numerous internationally renowned brand manufacturers.

Adly 600 Conquest: comes under the Euromotor umbrella

Brands: Adly, Cectek, Megelli and Diavelo

Under the new company name Euromotor GmbH & Co. KG, the brands Adly, Cectek, Megelli and also the own brand Herkules Motor will remain. In addition to the well-known product range, EUROMOTOR now also offers high-quality ‘Diavelo’ pedelecs from Protanium.
In addition to Diavelo pedelecs, the Euromotor range currently includes a wide selection of road-legal ATVs and quads in the 50 to 600 cubic capacity classes, 50 and 125 ccm scooters, buggies and compact electric scooters.

Diavelo Pedelec: 'Inside Frame Technology' makes the bike appear like an ordinary bicycle


Protanium itself was founded in 2006 by industrial designer Brian Hoehl and his partner, Danish inventor Lars Munksoe. As a pioneer, Protanium is the first manufacturer to install lithium-ion batteries in pedelecs. Today, Protanium supplies some of the best-known pedelec manufacturers worldwide with electronic assemblies.
The idea patented by Protanium lies in the ‘inside frame technology’, in which the battery and control technology is integrated into the frame of the pedelec. At first glance, this looks like a conventional bicycle without an electric drive. “Protanium uses high-quality bicycle components in a flowing design language and always takes the high utility value into account,” explains Kai Telsnig.

Cectek KingCobra: imported by Euromotor

Identification and corporate design

Kai Telsnig emphasizes: “The continuation of our successful business under the new company name serves to better identify our products in international competition under a uniform corporate design. We want to advance the successful company and its products and create a common recognition value.”
The strengths of the companies lie above all in a professional after-sales service. In addition to technical support, this also includes product and technical training. This consistently positive service for specialist retailers is perfectly complemented by a new, intuitive online web shop.
In order to continue to guarantee the high delivery capability and punctuality with regard to a fast supply of spare parts, the company has again invested significantly in the expansion of its own infrastructure in the past year.

Innovative concepts and market-driven innovations

The company telsnig and Euromotor GmbH & Co. KG work in the field with a total of over 30 area and two sales managers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, importers in other European countries are supplied. “Both companies will continue to expand their service in the future and further intensify the relationship with their specialist retail partners,” says Kai Telsnig. “New and innovative concepts are constantly being developed, and the range is constantly being expanded to include interesting and market-oriented new products through continuous market research.”

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