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High-quality garden houses and garages made of wood make dreams come true!

In our very dynamically developing present, most people try to ensure more comfort and coziness in everyday life. Everyone strives to treat themselves and their families as best they can and want to live in peace and serenity. That is why many people try to escape the noise and dirt of the big city and move to the countryside, where they can feel the contact with nature up close. Do you also belong to this group? Do you have a little house in the country and a large garden? Then you are lucky! Now, in the cold winter, you certainly have more time to design new projects and make short- or long-term plans. Perhaps you also want to develop a unique design concept for the house and garden or give your outdoor area a completely new look? Yes, that would be possible with a great wooden garden shed or garage there, right?

Designs, shapes and living space vary in the different models of wooden garden houses

Modellen von Gartenhäusern aus Holz

In this article we want to prove to you that even long-cherished wishes can easily be fulfilled. We try to give you interesting information and imaginative tips on how your dream of a cozy wooden house can now come true! Are you already curious? Then stay tuned to find out more about garden houses, wooden garages and carports at very affordable prices!

The best value for money there is on the market


During our research for high-quality garden houses, garages and carports made of wood, we came across a company online that offers all of these products at very good prices. At www.pineca.de you can find out more about the extensive company range, order your catalog or get expert advice by phone or email. In the following we just want to show you what advantages you will have with it.

Proven quality that will soon pay off


Here are the advantages of wooden garden houses and garages at a glance!

  • Garden houses and garages made from durable wood

Before deciding to buy a wooden garden house, you have to find out how it is made. Pineca’s high-quality products are all made from Nordic pine. This wood is durable and very robust at the same time. It is also resistant to rot and mold, which increases its durability enormously. Since customer safety is the top priority of company policy, windows and doors are also manufactured using the most modern production methods. No plastic is used at all, only quality glass and wood that is moisture-resistant.

You can decide for yourself which garden house model best suits your ideas, needs and financial possibilities.

Modell Gartenhaus

If you research the manufacturer’s website properly, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range on offer. There are many designs and different living spaces that can be used for different purposes. Online you will find small garden sheds, mainly intended only for garden utensils, beautiful spacious garden pavilions and very elegant wooden houses that you can use as summer residences. They all have creative designs, different shapes and surfaces and are very innovative and creative. You can decide for yourself which model best suits your wishes, needs and expectations before you finally decide to buy a garden house. It is important that all models of these garden houses offer an optimal indoor climate and the best living comfort.

This wooden garage would give your garden a new look


When it comes to wooden garages, you are definitely spoiled for choice! What would be better for you – a garage for one car, a double garage or a garage combined with a carport? The possibilities are varied and numerous, you just have to access them!

But maybe you prefer a carport?


  • Easy assembly that you can do yourself

Regardless of whether you choose a garden shed, a wooden garage or a carport, you can count on everything to be delivered on time and free of charge. You then have to do the assembly yourself if you don’t want to pay extra for it. Assembling the finished parts is easy if you follow the exact assembly instructions. Of course, in such cases you start with the foundation. Our extra tip is: place your house on an absolutely dry and level surface! This way you avoid any problems after installation! Work as described, from floor to roof and enjoy your work! Let your creativity and skill play a role and you will soon be happy about the result!

There are exchangeable walls in case you don’t like something

Gartenhäuser ideen

  • Payment options and guarantee

At Pineca, the customer has many advantages, including payment options and the guarantee. You can pay the entire amount at once or just transfer a deposit of 20% of the order value. Within Germany you also have fast and free delivery and unloading on site. You also have a 10-year guarantee and a money-back guarantee if the product does not meet your expectations. As a customer, can you ask for something better? We hardly think so!

You can find out more about the entire Pineca company range, about the assembly of garden houses and garages made of wood and the payment and guarantee conditions in the following video:

Sometimes the fulfillment of our long-cherished wishes is very close, but we don’t know anything about it! In most cases all we have to do is be brave, innovate, and act smart! Just give us a call or email and your dream could soon come true! We hope that this information was helpful to you in precisely this regard!

Does your dream of a garden house look exactly like this?

Traum von Gartenhaus

Or would you like a smaller house where you can spend a lot of time with your loved ones every day and admire the beauty of nature?

Garten Haus Moderne Architektur

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