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Allow us to start today’s post with a question right away. In which room conditions do you feel most comfortable? Think about your answer, because this is not about modern interior design and a cozy atmosphere. Without a doubt, these two are particularly important for our comfort. However, today we want to turn our attention to another aspect of our well-being, namely the air in the room. Do you actually know how high or how low the humidity level of the air in your home is? Certainly not exactly, right? Let’s say it right away: it has been scientifically proven that people feel particularly comfortable at a humidity of 45 to 60 percent. This means that we must not ignore the humidity in our four walls, in the office or in various public buildings.

Doctors recommend a humidity between 50 and 60 percent.

Doctors recommend a humidity between 50 and 60 percent.

With constant heating in winter you need a good humidifier in the room

With constant heating in winter you need a good humidifier in the room

The winter in Germany is cold and long. If the minus temperatures outside last for months, it is heated everywhere. We all enjoy the pleasant warmth at home and the friendly working atmosphere in the office. Yes, but constant heating has one disadvantage – it makes the room air too dry. And that has a negative effect on our well-being. If the dry climate in the room becomes permanent, it can lead to certain health problems. For example, the excessively dry room air could cause respiratory diseases, eye irritation and skin diseases or promote such conditions. Also, various pathogens can enter the body more easily in dry air conditions. Especially if you have small children at home, this is of course not wanted at all. The low humidity in living and working spaces is a widespread problem these days and medical professionals are already talking about dry building syndrome. You have probably heard of it.

comfortable atmosphere

In this comfortable atmosphere, there are no health problems at all because the air in the room is too dry


The humidifier is a must in the library!

In addition, insufficient humidity in public buildings is also very harmful, for example in museums and exhibition rooms. There it can damage valuable art treasures, antiques, furniture, wooden floors or musical instruments. After all these negative influences one could easily despair and see no way out of the situation. Yes, we can help in such cases and recommend a world-famous brand for humidifiers – Brune. The company can look back on many years of experience in the production and sale of air conditioning technology for air humidification. In their online shop you can find the device that is best for you, your family or your work colleagues. Because the product range of the Brune company is wide and multifaceted. The humidifier models offered are very easy to use. You just have to choose the right device for the particular space according to your own needs.

air cleaner

Do you want a humidifier that combines ease of use and low power consumption in one?

And last but not least, we really want to emphasize: you can simply rely on Brune humidifiers. They are easy to use, have low power consumption, and are very visually appealing. Their design fits in every room and is never noticeable. These devices create optimal climatic conditions where everyone feels comfortable. Because at Brune, high quality and maximum efficiency are very important.

Museums and art galleries

In museums and art galleries, the indoor air must not be too dry.


The air in all work rooms must be well humidified in winter.

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