Hodgetwins Net Worth

Hodgetwins Net Worth

Hodgetwins are one of the popular YouTube channels. They are known for their political views and stand up comedy. The brothers are also very active on social media and have a massive fan following. They also have an online store and have a clothing line. They have been able to make a good net worth due to their popularity and their YouTube channel.

The two Hodge brothers are from Martinsville, Virginia. The twins are well-built and are about six feet three inches tall. They also have an average body weight of 93 kg. The brothers are certified trainers by the International Sports Sciences Association. They are also great fitness enthusiasts. They have their own website and offer products for a healthier lifestyle. They started their career on YouTube. They have a number of YouTube channels, including Hodgetwins Vlogs, Conservativetwins, and askhodgetwins.

Keith and Kevin have been married to their current wives for over 15 years. They have two children. In addition to their YouTube channel, they also run their own clothing and supplement line. They have been able to earn a good net worth through the sales of merchandise, advertising their videos, and training programs. They have also managed to expand their brand through their marketing efforts. They are also renowned on Twitter and Instagram. Their channel, Hodgetwins Vlogs, has 637k subscribers.

The Hodge twins’ careers began when they started to upload videos on YouTube. They initially uploaded videos of themselves commentating on the news. They later branched out into fitness videos and advice videos. They have gained more than four hundred million views on their videos.

The Hodgetwins’ net worth is estimated to be $5 million. They have earned this amount by selling their products on their website, as well as advertising in their videos. They have over a million subscribers on their YouTube channel and are able to make an estimated $140 per day. They also have several other channels on the popular online video platform. The Hodge twins’ social media accounts include Facebook, Instagram, and Twiter.

Their YouTube channel has been viewed 400 million times. They have over a thousand followers on each of their social media accounts, as well as a total of five channels on YouTube. They have also jibed at Cardi B. They have also made a good amount of money from their clothing and supplement lines. They have been able to gain a very good following on their social media accounts and are able to get over 90,000 views on their channel each day.

The twins have become famous in the past few years. They have also gained recognition in the United States and have become one of the top ranked YouTubers. They have a number of subscribers on their Twitter, Instagram, and Twiter accounts. They are able to use their own personal information to generate a large number of views on their videos. They have a strong relationship and are able to keep their relationship healthy.

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