Hoodie Olive

Hoodie Olive

An essential winter must, the hoodie will keep you toasty in no time! Perfect for shed hunting, hiking or simply lounging around at home – it provides comfortable warmth throughout your day of activity.

This olive green hoodie features an intricate Portland outline and large distressed black “P”. Perfect for your wardrobe!

Early Life and Education

Hoodie olive hails from Brooklyn, New York and graduated from the High School of Art and Design with a degree in fashion design in 2022. Oliver began her design career by co-founding Hood By Air label in 2006. Hood By Air quickly established a cult following for its innovative yet technical approach to streetwear and high fashion design; its designs incorporating cultural references like queer culture, ballroom scene dancers, New York nightlife as well as elements from skate and street culture into its collections. By 2020 Oliver established Anonymous Club Collective studio which serves as creative hub for both her and other designers’ creative endeavors.

Professional Career

Hoodie olive is an experienced fashion designer with 15+ years of experience working in the clothing industry. She possesses an innate knack for connecting with people, speaking confidently in person or over the telephone; multitasking multiple projects simultaneously; working efficiently under pressure in fast-paced environments while remaining positive toward colleagues and customers; proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and capable of adapting quickly in any given situation; adept with using various social media platforms as well as having strong work ethics.

Personal Life

Represent your favorite sausage shop and beer garden on Rainey Street with this comfortable hoodie made of French Terry cloth with an ample, spacious hood. Eco-friendly too; each hoodie gives 18 plastic bottles and 350 grams of cotton scraps new life by recycling them into fabric used to craft this design!

This unisex olive hoodie is perfect for lounging around on weekends. Featuring “Good Vibes Only” printed both front and back, its generous yet adjustable hood allows you to adjust its fit according to your individual preferences.

The 7.5oz hoodie is super comfortable and durable – perfect for everyday wear! Plus it boasts an ample front pocket with matching side applique logo.

Net Worth

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HoodiePillow made its first appearance on Shark Tank in 2013. Their product provides an effective sleep aid that makes falling asleep easier, featuring either an inflatable hood or one made of memory foam that blocks light while providing space for headphones. Although none of the sharks agreed to make deals with them, HoodiePillow continues to thrive today; in fact, Chris Hindley continues to serve as president and CEO.

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