How about your ability to work in a team?

How about your ability to work in a team?

The ability to work in a team describes social skills that enable you to communicate profitably in a team and to work constructively with others. The ability to work in a team does not mean that you have to submit to the other members of the team or do everything right for them.

How to write in an application that you are flexible?

Examples of adaptability in an application “I am very flexible in my job. This is shown by the fact that I approach new tasks with curiosity and vigor and see them as a positive challenge. ” “I travel a lot in my current job.

What does when you are flexible?

You are flexible when you can adapt quickly and easily to changed requirements and circumstances. In relation to the job, this means that the bond and behavioral structure tend to have a loose character and offer space for possible alternative courses of action in a decision-making situation.

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