How are bachelor theses checked for plagiarism?

How are bachelor theses checked for plagiarism?

In addition, all universities have so-called plagiarism software with which they systematically examine your bachelor thesis again for plagiarism. The text is analyzed word group by word group and compared with content from the Internet.

How do teachers check plagiarism?

Finding plagiarism – procedure Don’t just type the topic of the term paper into Google, Fireball, Metager, etc. – that almost never helps. Search for prominent text passages and put them in quotation marks in the search field of the most frequently used search engines such as and also the common catalogs like

What does a plagiarism check cost?

As a rule of thumb, you can count on around 1 * per standard page for small jobs. The bigger your work, the cheaper the plagiarism check will be. The plagiarism check for a bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation of around 30-60 standard pages should therefore not cost more than 30 to 60 *.

What percentage of the plagiarism check?

Positive plagiarism check requires rework From a plagiarism rate of 10 percent and above, however, it becomes more and more likely that a scientific paper contains plagiarism.

What is checked during a plagiarism check?

In the plagiarism check, the text of your work is electronically searched for suspicious sections and these are compared with a database or search engine. This is how the software finds out which sections correspond to those from one or more sources.

What does a plagiarism software recognize?

Plagiarism software serves as an aid to check text passages for similarities with other sources. The result of a plagiarism software shows the percentage of a thesis similar to other sources, but not the percentage of plagiarism that was committed.

Can ghostwriting be exposed?

Ghostwriting agencies even promise freedom from plagiarism with a money-back guarantee, so they guarantee that their customers will not be exposed.

What to do if there is a plagiarism allegation?

There is little to nothing you can do, just wait and see. If there have been no previous allegations of plagiarism and the plagiarism is not very blatant (copy entire chapters), you can usually get away with a warning and you can write a new term paper.

Are all bachelor theses saved?

However, with some providers your work is stored in a local database. This is especially problematic if your university uses the same plagiarism software, because then your bachelor thesis will be read out again from the database and possibly recognized as plagiarism itself.

Are all bachelor theses published?

However, the grade of your bachelor thesis often plays an important role: Only really good scientific papers are offered on portals, as there is usually an oversupply. What you should not forget, however: Your bachelor thesis is now accessible to everyone.

Are all term papers checked for plagiarism?

The literal and meaningful matches of your bachelor thesis with other works are then displayed in percentages by the plagiarism software. This checks whether it is plagiarism, documented text passages or coincidences.

How is a bachelor thesis examined?

Basically, the grade of the bachelor thesis is based on the assessment of two examiners: The first examiner is usually the supervisor. He awards the first grade. Most universities have a second examiner. The second examiner also awards a grade.

How is a bachelor thesis corrected?

A bachelor thesis is assessed by a first reviewer (usually the student’s supervisor) and a second reviewer (also from the department). Both correctors have an equal influence on the assessment, because the final grade results from the mean of their individual grades.

How much does the bachelor thesis count towards the overall grade?

The module grades weighted according to cp then make up 75% of the overall grade, the other 25% are the bachelor thesis and the colloquium, weighted according to cp. So sit down and read the examination regulations, that is the basis for assigning grades and that’s what it says in there!

How much does the grade of the bachelor thesis count?

The bachelor thesis is assessed with 8 CP. The overall Bachelor grade is calculated from the artihmetic mean of the individual subject grades and the grade for the Bachelor thesis.

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