How are care benefits billed?

How are care benefits billed?

How are care benefits billed? The benefits in kind are paid for by the nursing care fund. In principle, your health insurance company is also the long-term care insurance company. If you make use of non-cash care benefits and care allowance, the care service also settles the accounts directly with the care insurance fund.

What does the nursing care fund pay for?

The long-term care insurance fund covers the costs of general care services up to an amount of EUR 1,612 per year. If funds from preventive care have not yet been used, the amount for short-term care can be increased to up to 3224 euros.

How is the combined benefit calculated?

For example, if we paid EUR 413.40 for the non-cash care benefit, the care allowance is calculated as follows when the two benefits are combined: EUR 413.40 of EUR 689 = 60 percent. So Mr. Winter’s entitlement to the proportionate care allowance is reduced to 40 percent (100 percent – ​​60 percent) of the possible 316 euros.

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