How are school times taken into account in the pension?

How are school times taken into account in the pension?

Up to eight years. Attending a general school, a technical college or university or participating in a vocational training measure is a credit period from your 17th birthday onwards. However, the time does not automatically come into your retirement account.

What does the 45 year pension count?

Anyone who has paid pension insurance contributions for 45 years has been able to claim the old-age pension for particularly long-term insured persons without deductions since July 1, 2014 from the age of 63 onwards (so-called deduction-free pension from 63). Previously, this deduction-free old-age pension could only be paid after reaching the age of 65.

What are the credit periods for the pension?

In Germany, the credit period (AZ) refers to a period under pension law, which is a non-contributory period as opposed to the (actually paid) contribution periods and the so-called consideration periods.

How is the upbringing counted towards the pension?

If you are bringing up children, you will receive compulsory contributions to the statutory pension insurance and you will receive more pension for this period later. And for all children born before 1992, 30 months of child-rearing periods are credited through the so-called maternal pension.

How do child-rearing periods affect retirement at 63?

As a result of the maternal pension, from July 1, 2014, children born before 1992 will be credited with two years of contribution periods. This means that in the future three children born before 1992 must have been brought up in order to acquire a pension entitlement from child-rearing periods alone.

How many years are counted towards the pension for each child?

Parents who have actually and predominantly brought up the child are generally taken into account for each child. In the pension insurance, up to four years (48 months per child, 60 months in the case of multiple births) are taken into account as child-rearing periods.

Does the apprenticeship count towards the pension?

follow New! One civil servant failed to request that his apprenticeship be included in the calculation of his pension entitlement.

Is the emergency assistance counted towards the pension?

Even if you receive unemployment benefits or unemployment assistance, you acquire insurance periods in the pension insurance. For the months in which you receive unemployment benefit, 1.78% of 70% of your assessment base for daily unemployment benefit will be credited to your pension account.

Are child-rearing periods automatically counted towards the pension?

The child-rearing times are not entered automatically! Mandatory contribution periods – it depends on the year of birth! For children born after 1992, three years are counted as compulsory contribution periods in the course of insurance with the German Pension Insurance.

How much pension do I get per child before 1992?

One pay point currently corresponds to EUR 32.03 (West) or EUR 30.69 (East). For children born before 1992, you receive two earnings points per child (from 1.1.2019: 2.5 pension points per child). For children born on or after January 1, 1992, there are three earnings points per child.

How are periods of child care taken into account in the basic pension?

What are child consideration times? Consideration periods due to the upbringing of a child are taken into account up to the child’s tenth birthday. They start on the day of birth. The child allowance period prevents gaps in the beneficiary’s insurance history.

Does a mini job count towards the basic pension?

Mini-job time counts as basic pension time. Times of receipt of unemployment benefit I or ALG 2 do not count as basic pension time. The situation is different with marginal employment. A mini job can ensure that you are entitled to a basic pension later on.

Is the widow’s pension offset against the basic pension?

Yes, if you have additional income in addition to the pension, for example from a widow’s pension, from renting or capital investments, this will be taken into account. Income from mini jobs is not taken into account.

Does the spouse’s income count towards the basic pension?

However, this is exactly what many retirees do not do. Because with the basic security, existing assets and other income – including that of the husband or wife – are taken into account. Assets also include a car or savings of over 5,000 euros.

What income counts for a basic pension?

The full basic pension is only given to those who do not earn more than 1,250 euros (single persons) or 1,950 euros (couples). If you earn a little more, 60 percent of the excess is offset against the basic pension. But above 1,600 or 2,300 euros it is over.

What is part of the basic pension income?

The full basic pension is only paid to pensioners whose income is less than an allowance of EUR 1,250 for single persons and EUR 1,950 for couples. If the income taken into account is above the tax exemption, 60 percent of the excess income is offset against the basic pension.

Are voluntary contributions counted towards the basic pension?

However, the basic pension periods do not include periods of unemployment, credit periods for school and university education and periods with voluntary contributions. These times are only taken into account for the waiting period of 35 years for the retirement pension with 63 years for long-term insured persons.

Are disability pensioners entitled to a basic pension?

Are disability pensioners entitled to the basic pension? In the general sense, this question can be answered with a simple yes. The insured person who is currently claiming a disability pension or who will not receive it until 2021 can be entitled to the basic pension.

Which periods do not count towards the basic pension?

Which retirement periods do not count towards the basic pension: Overview of which periods do not apply Times of receipt of ALG-1 (is a real compulsory contribution period according to Section 3 SGB VI), ALG-2 (Hartz-IV up to the real compulsory contribution period), unemployment benefit, periods of voluntary insurance ,

Who will get the 2020 basic pension?

The full surcharge is only paid to those whose monthly income as a pensioner is a maximum of 1250 euros (single persons) and 1950 euros (married couples or partners). 60 percent of income above this limit is offset against the basic pension.

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