How are translations cited?

How are translations cited?

According to the rule, first the source, i.e. the original, is named, then the translation from which the quotation comes, and then “quotation. after “with the book title and page indicated. The quotations should always be given in the original language or in a translation from the original.

How do you include translations in the bibliography?

It does not have to be stated that it is a translation. However, when translating a quote, it is recommended to include the page numbers. The original source is mentioned in the bibliography, possibly with a translation of the title between square brackets.

When to use square brackets when quoting?

A quote must be literally accurate. Words or letters can be added in square brackets so that a quote fits into the text. Anything that is not literally included in the cited source should be in square brackets, even if they are just individual letters.

How to correctly quote a bachelor thesis?

In order to cite correctly, you have to mark all the sources you have used with a reference in the text of your thesis and an entry in the bibliography.

When do you have to quote a bachelor thesis?

When do you have to quote something? Scientific work includes quoting in the bachelor thesis in order to identify foreign ideas, for scientific evidence of one’s own theses or to classify facts in a scientific context.

How do I have to give references?

For the information you usually need the first and last name of the author, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication and the page. The source for a book according to the German citation style looks like this: ¹First name, name, title of the work.

What are the tasks of the many quotations?

Quotations can be the starting point of your own argumentation, can be used as a safeguard, serve as an antipole to your own position and much more. A quotation does not automatically explain what it should stand for: the function of the quotation must be made clear to the readers.

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