How big can a file be in an email?

How big can a file be in an email?

For internet e-mail account. like or Gmail the combined maximum file size is 20 megabytes (MB) and for Exchange accounts (work email address) the default combined maximum file size is 10 MB.

What to do if files are too big in email?

Highlight the files or folders that you want to compress. Right-click the folder. Select the option “Send to” in the context menu. Then click on the point “ZIP-compressed folder”.

How can I email a folder with photos?

Sending a folder as an archive by e-mail To do this, right-click on the desired folder in Windows and select the entry “ZIP-Compressed Folder” under “Send to”. Windows will then compress all files and create a ZIP file of your folder.

How can I send multiple pictures by email?

You can also mark several images (press the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key). When you have marked all the pictures, press the right mouse button. A context menu then opens. Go to the Send to entry and select E-mail recipient.

How can I send multiple files by email?

We click with the right mouse button on the desired files or folders and select: Send To -> ZIP-compressed folder [Platzhalter, siehe Originalquelle, Beschriftung der Abbildung: „Kombinieren Sie schnell mehrere Dateien zu einer einzelnen zip-Datei über das „Senden An“-Menü].

How do I get a picture in an email?

Search made easy, click the New Email Message button. Write your email as usual. Click with the mouse where you want to insert an image. Switch to the Insert tab. In the Illustrations area, click on Graphics. Find the file you want.

How can I send pictures as attachments?

Android. In the message input field, tap the paperclip icon. Find the file you want to attach and tap on it. Once the upload is complete, you can enter a message or leave the input field blank and then press the send icon to send the message.

How do I add a picture to an email in Outlook?

Click in the message text. Then on the Insert menu, in the Illustrations group, choose one of the options. Pictures Navigate to the folder where the picture you want is saved, select the picture, then click Insert.

How can I send an email with my smartphone?

Write an email Open the Gmail app on your Android smartphone or tablet. In the lower right corner, tap “Write”. Enter the recipients in the “To” field. You can also add recipients like this: Enter a subject. Write your message. Tap on “Send” at the top.

How do I send an email to WhatsApp?

You click on the paperclip in the chat window in the upper right corner of the PC WhatsApp, then you can attach a file or take a photo and send it. Sounds complicated at first, but once done it becomes child’s play, I promise. That depends on how heavy your email goods are …

How can I send an email?

Step by Step to a Good Email Choose the right email address. Write a meaningful subject line. Continue the correspondence. Do not do without the salutation. Start with the most important information. Avoid unnecessary information.

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