How big can a letter be?

How big can a letter be?

How much does a letter cost in Germany? ShipmentDimensionsPriceStandard letterL: 14-23.5 cm W: 9-12.5 cm H: up to 0.5 cm 0.80 Compact letter L: 10-23.5 cm W: 7-12.5 cm H: up to 1 cm0.95 large letter L: 10-35.5 cm W: 7-25 cm H: up to 2 cm1.55 maxi letter L: 10-35.3 cm W: 7-25 cm H: up to 5 cm 2.70 6 additional lines

What else counts as a letter?

The following applies to the standard letter: It may be a maximum of 0.5 cm high. The decoration on it should not be too thick. Otherwise send as a large or maxi letter. A letter with a seal should be sent in a bubble envelope or sturdy cardboard envelope as a large letter (up to 2 cm high) or maxi letter (up to 5 cm high).

How big can a Maxibrief Plus be?

Maxibrief Plus is for maxi letters with an oversize format (length> 353 mm, width> 250 mm, height> 50 mm). For these shipments, a surcharge of 2.20 euros is added to the postage of 2.20 euros.

What does a maxi letter up to 2000g cost?

Current letter postage for 20 in a clear tableShipping methodPorto 2020 & 2021Compact letter up to 50g0.95 EuroLarge letter up to 500g1.55 EuroMaxi letter up to 1000g2.70 EuroMaxibrief Plus up to 2000g4.90 Euro2 •

What does a large letter up to 500g cost?

Letter postage and postcard postage in GermanyProduct price in € * Weight Standard *** 0.80 € Print stamps **** up to 20 gCompact0.95 € Print stamps **** up to 50 gLarge 1.55 € Print stamps **** up to 500 gMaxi € 2.70 Print stamp **** up to 1,000 g2

How heavy can a DIN A4 letter be?

The bill from the plumber, the letter from the authorities or the postcard in the envelope are usually sent as a standard letter. This costs 70 cents and can weigh up to 20 grams. With normal page thickness, that’s three A4 pages.

How much can an 80 cents letter weigh?

LettersLetters dispatch in Germany Standard letter, compact letter, large letter and maxi letter Source: Deutsche Post – Status: July 2019 Tariff name Weight to price [EURO]Standard letter With up to three A4 pages20 g0.80 Compact letter With up to eight A4 pages50 g0.95 Large letter May be a maximum of 2 cm thick500 g1.554

What is the cost of a letter that weighs more than 20 g?

LetterFormatsPricesWeightStandard € 0.80 1) Print stamp 2) up to 20 gCompact € 0.95 1) Print stamp 2) up to 50 gLarge € 1.55 1) Print stamp 2) up to 500 gMaxi € 2.70 1) Print stamp 2) up to 1,000 g

What happens to a letter that is too heavy?

Anyone who frequently sends unfranked mail is suspected of fraud. What happens if the postman notices that the post is insufficiently franked? Nier: Then the postage will be charged. That is the missing difference plus a processing fee of 70 cents for postcards and up to two euros for letters.

How heavy is a normal postcard?

A standard letter there may weigh a maximum of exactly 20 grams. Since this week it has also been clearly and unambiguously defined how heavy a postcard can be: 150 to 400 grams per square meter.

How many A4 sheets for 80 cents?

Standard envelope with postage stamp and A4 paperLetter MassPostage80 g / m2Standard letter up to 20 g80 cents3 sheetsCompact letter up to 50 g95 cents9 sheets

How many pages can I have in a letter?

A normal A4 paper weighs 80 g / m², a better one about 90 g / m². With a standard letter you can send a maximum of three sheets of normal paper weighing 80 g.

How many A4 sheets for 85 cents?

The compact letter: It costs 85 cents postage and must not weigh more than 50 grams. The compact letter may be 1 centimeter high, i.e. up to 8 A4 pages.

How much does a letter with 4 pages cost?

So, at Deutsche Post, the maximum weight for a standard letter, which has to be franked at 55 cents, is chosen so that three A4 sheets of paper fit inside, unless you are using unusually thick paper. From the fourth sheet onwards you have to send the letter as a “compact letter”, which costs 90 cents.

How much does a DIN A4 sheet weigh?

How much does A4 paper weigh? The weight results from the weight of the paper (80g / m²) multiplied by the area, e.g. DIN A4 with 0.0625 m². This results in a weight of approx. 5 grams per sheet of A4 paper.

What does a letter cost in 2019?

National letter prices and additional services Letter product / additional service1) from is ostkarte € 0.60 € 0.45 Standard letter € 0.80 € 0.70 Compact letter € 0.95 € 0.85 Large letter € 1.55 € 1.45 € 5

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