How Big Is A 20000 Gallon Tank

How Big is a 20000 Gallon Tank?

When it comes to the size of a tank, 20000 gallon tanks are relatively small. They measure 18.6 feet in diameter, 10.8 feet high, and 3305 pounds in weight. They have lockable deck manways that allow for easy access, and a liner that conforms to NSF61 standards. They are available in G115 and G140 gauges, which means they are ideal for potable water storage, irrigation, and fire protection.

The Norwesco 43827 is a heavy-duty, blue plastic vertical storage tank that holds up to 20000 gallons. Its seamless, single-piece construction makes it strong and ideal for bulk storage. The tank comes with a stainless-steel drain fitting, siphon tube, as well as four lifting lugs. It is made from Polyethylene resins, and meets FDA standards. This makes it safe to store liquids as well as above-ground water.

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