How can employers check if a certificate is forged?

How can employers check if a certificate is forged?

The potential new employer may indeed check what is in the references of an applicant. If there are any ambiguities in certificates or other documents, an employer must first ask the applicant and obtain permission to carry out further tests.

Can I request a work reference at any time?

1 of the Industrial Code (GewO), the right to a written job reference arises upon termination of the employment relationship. If the employment relationship is terminated by notice, the entitlement arises after the notice period has expired. request a provisional job reference during an action for protection against unfair dismissal.

How do I write a qualified job reference?

The wording of the GewO states: “The certificate must be formulated clearly and understandably. It must not contain any features or formulations that have the purpose of making a statement about the employee that differs from the external form or the wording.

What should a qualified job reference look like?

The certificate must contain at least information on the type and duration of the activity (simple certificate). The employee can request that the information also extends to performance and behavior in the employment relationship (qualified certificate). (2) The certificate must be formulated clearly and understandably.

What must be included in a job reference?

A complete, exemplary job reference consists of: heading and introduction.task description.performance assessment.assessment of social behavior.closing formula.thanks and regrets.wishes for the future.issue place, date and signature.

What must be in a simple job reference?

Definition: What is a simple work reference? Letterhead (employer) Heading (work reference) First/last name of employee.

How do I recognize a bad job reference?

Poor performance must not be specifically described in the job reference. Formulations such as: Mr. Mustermann constantly made mistakes, or: Ms. Mustermann performed poorly are not permitted. Instead, the employer must rewrite them “benevolently”.

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