How can I adjust line spacing in Word?

How can I adjust line spacing in Word?

Select the paragraphs you want to change. Go to Home> Line and Paragraph Spacing. Select the number of line spacing you want, or select Line spacing options, and then under Spacing, select the options you want.

What does one line mean?

Single line means to set the line spacing to normal. Just as the questions and answers are written here. You can write text in one line, one and a half lines, two lines, etc. That should be found under “Line spacing”.

What does one line of footnotes mean?

A footnote is always a sentence. The line spacing between two footnotes should be 1.5 lines, while the line spacing of a footnote that stretches over several lines should be a single line (more on this is available from Bielefeld University).

What do you have to write in the footnote?

Footnotes are separated from the text by a footnote line preceded by at least one blank line. Footnotes begin with the reference symbol used and have single line spacing. They are displayed in a smaller font size. The footnote should end with a period.

What goes in the footnotes?

The quote and footnote are always on the same page of your bachelor thesis. The source of the quotation is then given in the footnote. In addition, footnotes can also be used to accommodate comments on the text.

How can I format footnotes?

Instructions: Formatting footnotes in Word Open the document in which you want to format the footnotes. Right-click on a footnote. A context window opens. Click the “Change …” button to open an overview of the current formatting.

When do you insert footnotes?

In the German citation style, footnotes are generally used to substantiate text passages. These are represented by superscript numbers in the running text, which refer to the literature cited.

How can I mark all footnotes?

Re: Mark and format all footnotes You just click with the right mouse button somewhere in a footnote, select “edit paragraph template”, change the settings and if it goes right, that’s it, then all footnotes of these settings automatically take over.

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