How can I become an educator as a career changer?

How can I become an educator as a career changer?

Anyone who wants to enter the profession from side to side usually has to go to vocational school for two or three years, followed by a one-year internship. A prerequisite for this path is another already completed training, for example as a nanny or social assistant.

Can you work as a career changer in kindergarten?

However, training as a state-approved educator is time-consuming and not regulated nationwide. However, lateral entry as an educator is also an opportunity to work in kindergarten or daycare. the educator to be able to exercise.

How long does it take to retrain as a kindergarten teacher?

Retraining to become an educator takes two years full-time, and three to four years part-time while working.

How does retraining to become an educator work?

As a rule, retraining to become an educator takes place at (vocational) technical schools or other special educational institutions and takes an average of 2 years. During their retraining, educators learn the basics of pedagogical work with children and young people, but also how to impart knowledge.

What kind of retraining can you do as an educator?

Further training that does not take place at a university still enables a change of profession. You can, for example, train yourself to become a specialist in education, a business economist for social affairs or a specialist in organization and leadership in the field of social education.

How much does the training to become an educator cost?

Educator training is free of charge at the state technical schools. Independent schools often charge a school fee, which can amount to around 80 to 250 euros per month. In addition, there are one-off fees for admission and the examination.

What do you need to become an educator?

You cannot do the training to become a kindergarten teacher with every school leaving certificate. You need at least an intermediate degree or an equivalent school education as well as practical professional experience. In some cases, a completed vocational training, for example as a nanny, is required.

What do you need to train to be an educator?

Prospective kindergarten teachers require the following qualifications, partly depending on the respective federal state: Middle school leaving certificate / Matura. Criminal record certificate.

In which subjects do you have to be good if you want to become an educator?

In theoretical lessons you have job-specific subjects such as pedagogy, psychology, environmental and health education, music or sport. The timetable also includes general educational subjects such as German, sociology, politics and religion.

What grades do you need for an educator?

To do the first 2 years of social assistance you need a normal secondary school certificate. For the last 2 years of training at the Fachschule für Erzieher you need an average grade of 3.0 on the last certificate from the social assistant (German and practice must be at least 3.0).

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