How can I become like a professional dancer?

How can I become like a professional dancer?

You can learn the profession through a three-year vocational training course at a vocational school for stage dance, such as at the Academy for Dance in Freiburg. There you can complete training to become a professional stage dancer or a dance teacher.

Can you make money as a dancer?

How much does a dancer earn? According to, as a trained stage dancer you can expect a starting salary of between EUR 1,800 and EUR 2,400 per month. Of course, a dancer’s salary depends on his skills, education and experience as well as the size and reputation of his ensemble or company.

What do dancers do after your career?

Many dancers work in body-related professions after their careers, says Sabrina Sadowska, chairwoman of the foundation. For example as physiotherapists, naturopaths or in geriatric care.

How much does a Dance Teacher make?

The starting salary for a dance teacher is around 16 euros gross per month, but increases with commercial productions.

What do you have to do to become a dance teacher?

No specific educational background is legally required. The educational institutions set their own admission criteria. In some cases, a completed school education is required, possibly also an intermediate educational qualification or

Is dance teaching a profession?

The usually three-year training as a dance teacher is a classic dual vocational training and is offered by dance schools, academies and associations. You spend half the time on the floor dancing, dancing, dancing.

Is a dance teacher a recognized training occupation?

In Germany, the dance teacher is one of the liberal professions, which is not tied to any training or license. Anyone without training can call themselves a dance teacher and open a dance school.

How long does the training to become a dance teacher take?

The training to become an ADTV dance teacher lasts 3 years. It can be shortened under certain conditions (see here) if you have already learned a trade.

What do you have to be good at to become an engineer?

Not only should you have good grades in chemistry, biology and physics, but you should also have a strong interest in scientific topics in general. If you soak up science shows like a sponge, that’s a good start. Don’t underestimate the math part either!

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