How can I change my name on Payback?

How can I change my name on Payback?

Where can I change my name at PAYBACK? You can change most of your personal data directly at This includes changing address, postal address or e-mail address. For security reasons, a name change is only possible by contacting the PAYBACK Service Center directly.

How can I have my name changed?

In other cases one speaks of a public law name change. It is possible on request. The name change authority of the place of residence is responsible, which is usually located at the Citizens’ Registration Office or registry office. The decisive factor is that there must be an important reason for the name change.

How do I submit a name change request?

Basically, you don’t have to write the name change request yourself. In general, the registry offices offer a form that you only have to fill out… Usually it is: registration certificate or identity card. birth certificate. possibly a psychological report or certificate of good conduct.

Which names do you have to apply for?

In Germany, the admissibility of first names is not regulated by law, only the obligation to enter the name applies. The registry office must be informed of the name of the child no later than four weeks after the birth.

What names do you need middle names for?

There is no official limit on the number of first names. However, the registry office also checks here whether there is a risk to the welfare of the child. The assignment of gender-neutral names is possible, a gender-identifying second name is not mandatory.

What happens when parents give their child a name?

If the parents have not yet agreed on a name when the birth is announced, the child will initially be entered without a first name. The first name can then be added within four weeks. If the first name is still missing, the registrar could determine a first name himself.

How much does a first name change cost?

If the competent authority accepts your application: if a surname is changed: EUR 2.50 – 1,022 per person. if a first name changes: EUR 2.50 – 255.00.

When can you change your first name?

It is easy to change your last name after marriage or divorce. However, some people may want to change their last name for other reasons, or are very unhappy with their first name. A name change is also possible – but only if there are good reasons.

Where does the name need to be changed after the wedding?

Checklist point 1: The residents’ registration office As a newly married couple, the residents’ registration office is your first point of contact. With the marriage certificate, the identity card, passport and income tax card are changed to the new name. You should request the revision here as soon as possible.

Can I take my husband’s name afterwards?

One partner takes the other’s name – so there is a common married name that both bear. Anyone who adopts this married name can precede or append their previous name with a hyphen. You can also change your name afterwards – after the wedding.

Can I go back to my maiden name without a divorce?

Without a divorce, spouses can only take their maiden name again if no common married name has been determined. In order to take your maiden name back, you must submit an application for a name change to the registry office.

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