How can I clean up the hard drive?

How can I clean up the hard drive?

To clean up disk in Windows 10, first launch Disk Management. Here you see an overview of your partitions. Right-click the drive you want to clean and click Properties on the context menu. In the new window click on Clean.

How can I erase everything on my PC?

First select the desired files and folders. One press of the Del (Remove) key and you’ve already deleted a file or an entire folder from your computer’s hard drive. That’s not entirely true after deletion, the data still exists on the hard drive.

How can I clean up my PC for free?

CCleaner Free – Download The CCleaner – here for free download – uninstalls superfluous data garbage and cleans the Windows hard drive. But only select what you are sure will not be needed. Confirm with Analyze and start CCleaner.

How do you dispose of an old laptop?

Disposal via recycling centers Old laptops, like all other electronic devices, can also be handed in at municipal waste collection points. You can find out the locations of these recycling centers from your local municipal waste management company.

How do I completely flatten my laptop?

Format data hard drive on laptop Open Windows Explorer with Windows key + E and click on This PC. Right-click on the desired hard drive or removable drive that you want to format. Then select Format from the context menu.

What to do with the old TV?

The last station in the life of a television is the recycling yard. Due to the environmental toxins and the built-in components, the device does not belong in the household waste, but must be handed in at the appropriate recycling center in the city or community.

Where to sell used TVs

Selling a TV – this is the best place to do iteBay: You will most likely be able to get rid of your TV for a good price on eBay. Classified ads: In addition to eBay, you can also use the internet services of “” or “Quoka”. Newspaper: Internet sales are more modern.

Can analogue televisions still be used?

Analogue cable television was finally shut down by mid-2019. Since then, the cable network has only broadcast in DVB-C. All analog cable TV households in Germany were affected by the changeover. You do not need to change your contract with the cable provider for digital cable television.

What to do with a broken TV?

This is probably the easiest method for you. Recycling yards: In order to dispose of your broken TV yourself, you should definitely take it to a recycling yard in your city. Here you can have your TV and other large electrical appliances disposed of free of charge.

Can you sell a broken TV?

It is usually not worthwhile to have a defective television repaired. On the one hand, you can place the television on eBay or eBay classifieds. You can also sell the TV on other classifieds portals such as “Kalaydo”, “” and “Quoka”.

Can you repair TVs?

Luckily, most defects can be repaired, whether your TV is Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Sony or LG. Smart TVs can be repaired just as easily as those without an internet connection. You can also repair some defects yourself with a little skill.

What do I do with my old electronic devices?

Where can I hand in my old electronic devices? You can take the devices to the local recycling center. Since 2016, shops, online and mail order companies have also had to accept old devices if they sell electrical devices themselves.

How are old electronic devices sorted in a recycling center?

Broken or old electrical appliances must be disposed of properly, and consumers are obliged to do so. They don’t belong in the dustbin, but at a recycling center or back to the retailer. “You always have the option of taking it back to the specialist retailer, to the recycling center.

Where can I sell my old electronics?

That’s what the online service Flip-4New ( is for: Among other things, it buys old electronic devices from private individuals – regardless of whether they work or not. The company prepares the devices and then sells them mainly in its own eBay shop flip4shop.

Who has to take back electronic devices?

Since 2015, there has been a take-back obligation for stationary retailers. Dealers must take back devices they sell free of charge and take care of disposal. Since July 25, 2016, this has also been mandatory for online retailers.

In which garbage electrical appliances?

Defective items are particularly troublesome for consumers when they have a plug. Since 2006 it has been forbidden to simply dispose of electronic devices with household waste, this also applies to small devices such as mobile phones or radio alarm clocks.

Who picks up old chest freezers?

Option #1: Dealer disposal Arguably the most convenient way to dispose of your old freezer is to have your dealer collect it. Since 2016, every larger retailer has had to take back old devices free of charge if their sales area is more than 400 square meters.

What happens to the e-waste?

1.7 million tons of e-waste are generated in Germany every year – which is often not properly disposed of. Old mobile phones, kettles and toasters often end up in household waste. They contain valuable metals and earth. Some parts can be recycled, others can be resold.

How can e-waste pollute the environment?

E-appliances in landfills leach lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, beryllium and other toxins into the soil. We also waste valuable resources with every product with a battery or plug that we throw away.

How exactly does the recycling of IT equipment work?

Batteries are disposed of as old batteries. Here, too, individual components can be recycled, for example nickel, lead, cadmium, mercury, silver, iron and copper. The rest of the device is shredded. Here, too, metals can be separated out in a targeted manner, for example using magnets.

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