How can I contact Agoda?

How can I contact Agoda?

through our website By phone on +7900 (long distance charges apply) Via email through our Customer Service page.

Who is Agoda?

AgodaAgoda Company Pte. Ltd. Legal formLimited & Co. KGFounded1998HeadquartersSingaporeHead of Michael Kenny (co-founder) Robert Rosenstein (co-founder) John Brown (CEO) Omri Morgenshtern (COO) 4 more lines

How do I redeem Agoda coins?

How do I spend Agoda Coins? When booking accommodations on or through our mobile apps, simply use Agoda Coins to checkout. Use as many Agoda Coins as you want. You can even collect new Agoda Coins while paying for bookings with Agoda Coins!

What is Booking Basic?

basic ”shows prices from third-party providers, i.e. other sales channels and / or platforms, if these are lower than the rates set by the hotel on With “Sponsored Discount”, offers guests discounts independently and without prior consultation or consent of the hotel.

How do I contact Booking com by email?

Contact By hotline or email. From abroad, you can contact customer service via Customer service can be reached by phone 24 hours a day. If you do not want to or cannot call, use the online contact form. You will then receive an answer to your email address.

Who is behind Booking com?

The website’s owning company is owned by the US Booking Holdings and is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Is Booking a tour operator?

Because from a legal point of view, the brokerage portals are not always considered tour operators. In contrast to Neckermann and Co., customers of Expedia or Booking are often not protected by German package travel law. The booking difference can have major consequences, for example in the event of a bankruptcy.

How do I contact Booking com?

How many accommodations are there at Booking com? more than just hotels! 2,563,380 accommodations worldwide.

How much is the commission at Booking com? charges between 12-16 percent of the room rate for its agency services. Smaller hotels that are underutilized often have to pay an even higher price. Such a commission rate can amount to more than 20 percent of the room rate.

How much commission does Booking com charge?

The commission that charges varies from country to country. Our commission rate averages 15% globally, making it one of the lowest rates in our industry. It also depends on your type of accommodation and your location.

How much does an ad at Booking com cost?

There are no additional registration or listing costs. Please note: As soon as a guest books via, the booking is confirmed immediately. In general, no booking can be refused, with the exception of certain cases.

How does booking work at Booking com?

It works as follows: You get a link from, which you forward to your friend. If he uses the link, books accommodation via the portal and starts the trip, you and your friend will be credited 15 €.

How can you pay at Booking com?

At, we can process guest payments for you based on the needs of your property. You will receive your payment either via a virtual credit card (VCC) or by bank transfer, depending on which guidelines you have chosen for your accommodation.

Where can I advertise my holiday home?

You can advertise your holiday apartments free of charge at – privately and commercially. Regardless of whether you have 1, 10 or more holiday apartments, you can offer any number of holiday apartments and holiday homes free of charge.

How do I market my vacation home?

Conventional ways to market your vacation rental are brochures, local catalogs and weekly papers, or privately printed flyers. The latter could, for example, be displayed in the spa center, at a tourist information office or at the train station.

How much does FeWo directly cost?

A standard advertisement costs 279 euros for 12 months (plus VAT). It contains the detailed description of a residential unit with detailed texts, 8 pictures, rental price table, availability calendar, request form with SMS service and print version.

How high is the commission at FeWo direkt?

HomeAway fees. Guests pay 6-12% on the booking amount. Depending on the subscription you pay different fees, from 8% per booking and with the annual subscription there are no further host fees. For rentals of less than 6 weeks a year, the option of paying a commission of 8% on each booking is worthwhile …

What is the Airbnb service fee?

Host Service Fees Experience hosts pay a 20% service fee. This is calculated based on the price of the experience and is automatically deducted from the host’s payout. We waive this fee for certain charitable discoveries.

How does FeWo direct work for landlords?

How does FeWo-direkt work? FeWo-direkt is an online marketplace that enables landlords and vacation rental managers to contact potential guests. The portal only mediates, the bookings of the accommodations are then received directly by the landlord.

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