How can I contact Apple?

How can I contact Apple?

Contact Apple Support Contact iTunes Store Support. Technical Support: All support phone numbers worldwide. Contact a wireless carrier. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar in an Apple Store. An Apple Authorized Service Provider. Beats Support:

How can I write with the Apple Pencil?

With your iPad and Apple Pencil, you can write by hand in any text field, such as the search field in Safari or a text field in Mail. * Handwriting and converting to text are done on the iPad. This keeps your text safe and secure.

How do I pay with Apple Wallet?

iPhone with Touch ID: Hold your device near the reader without placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor. When your default card is shown, tap it, then tap to select another card. Place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to pay.

How do I open Apple Pay?

Pay in-store with Apple Pay For iPhones with Face ID, double-press the side button (power button). For iPhones with Touch ID, place your finger on the sensor and hold the iPhone near the terminal until Done and a tick appear on the display. Additional entries… •

How much can I pay with Apple Pay?

You may not be able to use Apple Pay to make purchases over EUR 50. You may need to sign a receipt or enter your PIN for purchases over EUR 25. You may need to enter your PIN for purchases over EUR 50.

Where can I use Apple Pay?

You can use Apple Pay to pay in stores, in apps, and on the web in Safari, as well as on public transport in some countries and regions, and in Business Chat.

Where can I pay online with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is on the 11th …. Which banks offer Apple Pay? American Express.maestro.mastercard.VISA.boon.bunq.comdirect.Deutsche Bank.

How does Apple Pay work in the supermarket?

“I’ll pay by card,” I tell him, and he activates the terminal. Instead of my wallet, I pull out the iPhone and – as Apple explains – press the right side button twice. The wallet app then opens and the stored credit card is released for payment via Face ID.

How do I pay with Apple Pay Sparkasse?

To pay with Face ID, press the side button on your iPhone twice, look at the display and hold your device up to the POS terminal – just like with a contactless card payment. To pay with Touch ID, hold your device up to the POS terminal and place your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

How do I pay with the Sparkassen app?

Setting up the “Mobile payment” app Step 1: Download the “Mobile payment” app from the Google Play Store onto your smartphone. Step 2: Store your Sparkassen-Card (debit card), your Sparkassen credit card and / or your Sparkassen-Karte Basis (debit card) in the app.

How do I pay with my mobile phone at the checkout?

Mobile payment with a smartphone works in a similar way to contactless payment with an NFC-enabled bank card. To do this, you need an app with which the payment process is carried out at the checkout. You must have either topped up this app with money beforehand or connected it to another means of payment.

How do I pay Sparkasse with my cell phone?

To be able to make mobile payments, customers simply download the “Mobile payment” app from the Google Play Store onto their Android ™ smartphone. Then store the Sparkassen-Card (debit card), the Sparkassen credit card or the Sparkassen-Karte Basis (debit card) in the app.

How does contactless payment work with my mobile phone?

Customers who want to use the technology must first load the data from the credit card of a cooperating bank into the app. The payment itself is similar to a card with a contactless function: simply by holding the device in front of the POS terminal (to test payment with the mobile phone).

How does paying with the Edeka app work?

But it works: Anyone who goes shopping in his “favorite store” afterwards queues at the cash register, pulls out the mobile phone, calls up the Edeka app and selects “Pay and redeem copupons” in the menu. After entering the PIN, a barcode appears that lasts for approx.

How does wallet payment work?

Similar to contactless payment with the card, the mobile phone or watch is then simply held up to the card device. Before doing this, the user must call up and select the saved map. The process can vary from wallet to wallet.

How do you pay with Apple Pay?

Since the data transfer does not take place via NFC, but via a QR code, it works with both iPhones and Android devices. A credit card is also not necessary, as the payments are withdrawn from the current account.

How does paying with VIMpay work?

Safe thanks to the credit principle: To pay with VIMpay, you load credit onto your account in advance. Store your bank in the VIMpay app and use the flash top-up to top up your card in real time.

What does paying with a wallet mean?

Google Pay with wallet function If you have an Android device, you can also use it to store your credit card information as well as admission tickets and flight tickets. Since April 2019, tickets and bonus cards have also been automatically scanned from Gmail.

What is Wallet and Apple Pay?

If you store your Apple Cash, credit and debit cards in the “Wallet” app on the iPhone, you can use Apple Pay for secure contactless payments in shops, restaurants and other occasions.

How does a wallet work?

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other Altcoins are managed in a wallet, but not directly stored. Private and public keys, which are required for all types of transactions, are stored in wallets.

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