How can I contact Spotify?

How can I contact Spotify?

Send a direct message to @SpotifyHelp.

How do I become an artist on Spotify?

1) To create an artist profile, you first need a user account on Spotify. You can register for this either with your email address or via Facebook. 2) Similar to your album art, the profile and header picture of your Spotify profile reflect your identity as an artist.

What do you earn at Spotify?

Spotify – the money musicians get per stream In 2018, musicians in the US could earn up to $ 3.97 per 1000 streams. In 2013 a popular band publicly presented their payouts from Spotify for sales of around one million streams over the course of the year.

Can you chat on Spotify?

You can find help in existing threads or ask a question. You can learn new tips and tricks. You can suggest ideas on how we can improve the app or support existing ideas. You can chat over music and share your playlists.

How can I contact Spotify?

The last and somewhat antiquated option to reach Spotify’s customer service department is by mail. The address is: Spotify GmbH – Torstrasse 138 – 10119 Berlin. On the other hand, there is still no telephone support at Spotify.

How can I send a Spotify playlist?

Set up a shared Spotify playlist on a PC / Mac Open Spotify on your computer. Select a playlist in the menu on the left. Right-click the playlist. Click on Shared Playlist. To share, click Copy Embed Code.

How can I make my Spotify playlist public?

Playlist Privacy: Tap (iOS) or (Android) at the top of the playlist, select Publish to show it on your profile or Keep Secret to hide it.

How can other songs add to my Spotify playlist?

Browser and apps: On all other devices, open the menu and tap on “Your Music”. Then select the entry “Playlists” and the desired playlist. At the top right, tap the icon with the three dots and choose the option “Share as ‘Together’”.

How do you send a playlist?

Sending a Spotify playlist to friends Find the playlist in Spotify and right-click to open the context menu. If you select the “Share” option, you can post the playlist via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Switch to “send to” and send the playlist to your Facebook friends who also use Spotify.

How can I follow friends on Spotify?

Note: You need to connect your Spotify account to Facebook to see your friends in this list. Tap Start. Tap Settings. Tap View Profile. Tap FIND FRIENDS. Tap FOLLOW ALL or next to a specific person .

How do I find a playlist on Spotify?

The standard search: Find playlists, tracks, albums or artists. A click on “Show all results …” opens the results in the main window. As soon as you add additional information such as “live”, a title or album name, the results become more concrete.

How do I delete playlist on Spotify?

On an Android device: Go to the library. Under Playlists, tap the three vertical dots to the right of the list you want to delete. Select Delete Playlist.

How do I delete my favorite Spotify songs?

Open the Spotify player on the PC and log in (if not done automatically). Click on Liked Songs under Library to open the playlist. Delete multiple songs: click while holding [Strg]-Taste all the songs that you want to remove and then press the [Entf]-Button.

How do I delete audiobooks on Spotify?

First, open Spotify on your smartphone or PC. Then go to the music collection in the library from which you want to delete the downloaded music. So you can only delete specific playlists or albums instead of the entire download.

How can you delete last heard on Spotify?

Open the Spotify app for iOS or Android. At the bottom, tap the search icon. Under Recent Searches you can see the songs, albums and playlists you recently called up via search. By tapping the X to the right of an entry, the song will be deleted from the history.

Can you see which songs you have heard on Spotify?

To do this, start Spotify and click on the icon with the three horizontal bars at the bottom right next to the play bar. You are now in the queue. Switch to the “History” tab at the top left. Here you can find all the songs that you recently heard.

How can I reset Spotify?

If you’ve forgotten your login details on Spotify, you can reset your password with just a few clicks. Call up the “Reset password” website. Enter your username or your email address in the line. Click on “Submit”.

Can i reset Spotify?

It is not yet possible to reset your Spotify account in order to delete all saved music files and settings. Instead, you only have the option of deleting your entire account and creating a new one. You can also restore your account if you have trouble logging in.

What’s my Spotify password?

Open Spotify on your computer. At the bottom of the home page, click Reset Password. You will be redirected to this page in the browser. Enter your email address or your username and click “Submit”.

Where can I find my Spotify login details?

On your Android device Connect your smartphone to your computer with a USB cable. In your computer’s file browser, go to Android> data> com. spotify. music> files> spotifycache> users. All the usernames you signed in with on this device will be displayed in this folder.

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