How can I create a table of contents in Word?

How can I create a table of contents in Word?

Select the headings and format them in the template. At the top, click References (in Word 2013, References), then click Table of Contents. Select “automatic table” or “custom table of contents”.

How do I create a table of contents in Word 2010?

Place your cursor there. Then open the References tab. In the first table of contents group, click the Table of Contents button – namely the little arrow. In the menu window, Word 2010 offers you two options for your automatic table of contents.

How do I link a table of contents?

Linking text passages in Word: To set a hyperlink to a section, select the entry in the table of contents and then press the key combination Ctrl and k. Under Link to, select Current Document.

How do I link in Word?

How to use the links in Word documents: Mark text passage. First, select the word or text that you would like to use to link to another area in the document. Call up the link menu. Set a link in the document. Use links in the document. Remove the link again.

How do I update the table of contents in Word?

To update your table of contents, go to the menu item “References” in the “Table of contents” area and click on “Update table of contents”. A window opens. There you can choose between “only update page numbers” and “update entire directory”.

How do you make headings in Word?

Select a heading in your Word document and switch to the “Start” tab. In the middle of the menu bar you will find the format templates. From there, select “Heading 1” (see screenshot). Use this method to format each additional heading that should appear in the same typeface.

How do I design a headline?

7 Simple Tricks to Write Great HeadlinesUse specific numbers. Nothing is as uninteresting as vague statements. Use interesting adjectives. Use interesting terms. Use the 4 W’s. Address your reader directly. Be contradicting. Make a daring promise.

Which formatting can be saved in a format template?

Format template in Word: This allows you to assign certain formatting characteristics (such as font, character size, line spacing, indentation, type of bullets and thickness and color of the table frame) to the individual text bodies (headings, paragraphs, lists and tables).

How do I make a table of figures in Word?

Click at the point in the document where you want to insert the directory. Then call up the “References” menu and click on “Insert table of figures” in the “Captions” box. You can now see the preview under “Page view”.

How do I make a list of figures?

Click on the desired position in the document and go to the REFERENCES tab (1) in the LABELS group on INSERT LIST OF FIGURES (2). Select the labeling category (1) for which the directory is to be created (e.g. map). Under SIDE VIEW you can see the preview (2).

What should a list of figures look like?

Structure of a list of figures At the beginning of each entry there is the figure number (starting with “Fig. 1”). Then the title of the illustration follows. It is important that the title in the text of the term paper matches the title in the list of figures to the letter.

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