How can I dictate a text?

How can I dictate a text?

Say Start Speech Recognition or click the Microphone button to start speech recognition mode. Open the desired program or select the text field in which you want to dictate text. Speak the text you want to dictate.

How do I dictate in Word Mac?

Using the dictation function on the Mac For example, open your mail program and a new email draft. Click in the content area of ​​the email and double-tap the Fn key or Speak your text and click “Done” when you want to complete the process. The spoken text is displayed.

How can I dictate something to Word?

Open a blank document in Word and click Start in the top bar. Then select “Dictate” in the menu bar on the right.

Where is the FN key on Mac?

The fn key, placed at the bottom left of your Mac keyboard, has one main function: With the help of the special key, you can select whether Apple’s function keys (F1-F12) should carry out the actions provided by the operating system, such as dimming the screen or the keyboard backlight…

Where can I find this on the Apple keyboard?

Creating AT Characters with Apple Mac On current Mac computers, press [Alt] – [L]. You’ll also see the @ on Mac keyboards in the lower-right corner of the [L]-Button. On very old Macs, press the key combination [Umschalten] – [Alt] – [1].

What is the f5 key on Mac?

The function keys on Mac, which include the F5 key Mac, have different functions than on Windows. The F5 key Mac is used to reduce the keyboard brightness when using a backlit keyboard.

How to press f11 on mac?

-F11″. to hold down. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Keyboard, then click Keyboard. Check the box “The keys F1, F2, etc.

How to use the F key on Mac?

If you want to use the top row of keys as standard function keys without holding down the Fn key, do the following: Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences. Click Keyboard. Choose Use the F1, F2 etc. as standard function keys”.

how to press f4 on mac

In the “Keyboard” options, enable the option “Use the keys F1, F2, etc. as standard function keys”. If the media player is switched on, you can now play and stop an audio or video file with the F4 or F5 key.

Where is f3 key?

The F3 key is one of the function keys and is located in the function key bar. Searching for folders and files is assigned to it as a standard Windows function. Press the button and specify which file or folder to search for.

Where is the f11 key?

The most important functions of the F11 key. The F11 function key is one of the 12 function keys on a standard PC keyboard. It’s in the top right, between F10 and F12 .

Where is the f2 key?

The F2 key belongs to the function keys and is located between the F1 and F3 keys in the function keys. Its default function is to rename a selected item.

Where is the f5 key?

The F5 key is on the top row of our keyboard and is one of the function keys, just like F1 or F12. Pressing the F5 key updates the open dialog box or the current selection.

Where is the function key on the laptop?

The Fn key is on the bottom row of the keyboard, usually next to the control key.

Which button refreshes the page?

Refreshing a website also works with the “F5” key. Tip: Some pages are only reloaded from your own computer’s memory. This is how the page looks unchanged. A page is completely reloaded (from the site owner’s server) with the key combination “Ctrl” and “F5”.

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