How can I extend my sick leave?

How can I extend my sick leave?

The extension of sick leave must be received by the employer no later than the last day of the original sick leave. If the sick note is valid until Friday and the sick person does not feel better at the weekend, the employee can also go directly to his doctor on Monday.

When do you get a follow-up certificate?

The follow-up certificate must be issued no later than the next working day after the last day of illness certified by the doctor. For example, if you are on sick leave until a Friday, you have to get a sick note from the doctor on the following Monday.

When does the follow-up certificate have to be from the same doctor?

There must be no uncertified days in between. As a rule, the employee has to see the doctor again the next working day after the end of the first certificate so that the doctor can issue the follow-up certificate.

Will the notice period be extended in the event of illness?

If the employee is given notice, the law gives him special protection during the remaining period of notice. If the employee falls ill during the notice period, this is suspended during the illness and the notice period is actually extended.

How is the notice period extended?

According to § 622 Para. 2 BGB, the regular notice period to be observed by the employer in relation to the employee is extended depending on the duration of the employment relationship. In principle, longer notice periods than those of § 622 BGB can be specified in the employment contract.

What happens if I get sick during the notice period?

The situation is completely different if you have been given notice: If you become ill or suffer an accident during the notice period, the notice period will be interrupted during the period of incapacity to work, but at most until the end of the statutory blocking period, and then continued.

What happens if I stop working during the notice period?

If the employee simply no longer shows up for work before the end of the notice period, he violates his main obligation to perform under the employment contract. If the employee is absent from work without an excuse, the employer does not usually have to continue to pay the remuneration.

Can you get sick after quitting?

Sick leave after dismissal widespread If they have received notice from their employer, many employees take sick leave. Such a sick note is usually completely unproblematic.

Do you still get paid during the notice period?

The salary entitlement ends when the employment relationship ends. In the case of termination without notice, immediately; in the event of ordinary termination, upon expiry of the notice period. however, remains obliged to pay the agreed remuneration until the end of the notice period.

How long does the employer have to pay after termination?

If employees want to leave a company, the statutory notice period is 4 weeks to the 15th or the end of the month – regardless of how long they have been employed in the company. However, the employer can contractually set a longer period.

By when do I have to get my money paid out after termination?

The employer is obliged to the employee to pay the salary owed on time. The monthly salary to be paid is usually due after the end of the respective month, i.e. the employer must pay the salary on the first day of the following month at the latest.

Who pays during the notice period?

If the period of notice expires within the six weeks of continued payment of wages, the employer is no longer obliged to pay. Example: Employer A terminates an employee M effective March 31. On 15.3. M becomes ill and unable to work.

Who pays sick pay after termination?

If the person who has been dismissed is still ill, the employer only has to continue to pay the wages until the end of the employment relationship, after that no longer. Example: If an employee falls ill three weeks before the end of the employment, the employer only pays for these three weeks.

Who pays the health insurance after termination?

The Employment Agency pays the contributions to health and long-term care insurance from the first month of unemployment – ​​even if you have given notice yourself and have not yet received unemployment benefit I due to a blocking period.

How much money do you get if you get fired?

Example of how the severance payment is calculated according to salary and length of employment: If an employee was employed in a company for 15 years and last received a monthly gross salary of 2,500 euros, according to this formula he would have 2,500 euros / 2 * 15 years = 18,750 euros in severance pay to.

What am I entitled to if I am fired?

In the event of termination for operational reasons, the employee is entitled to severance pay in accordance with the Employment Protection Act. The amount of the severance payment is based on half the gross salary per year of employment. The employer asserts urgent operational requirements.

What do you get from your employer after you quit?

Employee resigns: Working papers to be handed out Printout of the electronic wage tax certificate (on the official model) Reference letter, a qualified certificate on request.

Is the employer obliged to issue a certificate of employment?

Employment certificate is mandatory If the employer refuses to fill out the form, there is a risk of a fine of up to 2,000 euros according to § 404 SGB III. Note: The certificate of employment must also be completed promptly if an action for protection against unfair dismissal is pending before the labor court.

What happens to the personnel file after termination?

During an employment relationship, you may view your personnel file at any time. You have the right to do this and you can also involve a member of your works council. When the employment relationship ended, the employer continued to keep the personnel file. …

Which documents do I get back from the employer?

The working papers that the employer must hand over to the employee at the end of the employment relationship include: reference (§ 109 trade regulations – reference) certificate of employment (§ 312 SGB III) a printout of the electronic wage tax certificate made according to the officially prescribed model.

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