How Can I Get a Business Address in London?

Do you want to secure a business address in London? This is a good move if you wish to enjoy a prestigious address and make a good first impression on customers. Having an office space in a prominent area of the UK can make customers trust and respect you from the beginning. This is crucial if you want to sell your products, as well as push your services to locals.

But, how can you get a business address in London? Let’s look at the realistic ways you can secure your business address in the capital city this year.

Use a Virtual Office

First of all, let’s start with something that a lot of people are curious about. We are referring to a virtual office. This is becoming increasingly popular for businesses since it can allow you to gain an address almost anywhere you want. Indeed, this can include in London. The idea is, you can enjoy the business address but you do not have to work there.

Is a virtual office legal? The answer is absolutely. It is going to be the most cost-effective way to get a business address in London. There are no laws to say that you actually have to operate from you business address. You just have to make sure that your company has one. So, a virtual office is a way for your company to be in one of the best commercial locations in the UK. Meanwhile, you can operate your team remotely or in a way that allows you to succeed as a business.

Purchase a Property

The next option you have is to purchase a property in London. Of course, this is going to be the most expensive option on this list. But, it is a sure way to have a registered business address in the capital city. In particular, this might be a good move for your business if you have some financial backing and are looking to make a long-term investment and grow in the future.

However, the downside to this option is definitely the cost. Properties in London are not cheap and are well over the average prices you see for premises in the UK. What’s more, there is a lot of competition for business property here. So, you might have to pay over the odds for the property you want and you will face a lot of other offers in the process. This could mean you are left disappointed and it might take a while to find another property that you like for your brand.

Rent A Business Space

You may have been in the position where you were looking to purchase a business property in London but soon discovered the prices were too high. Naturally, your next option would be to rent a business space. This might be necessary if you have a lot of practical tasks you need to carry out to do with your products or services. Indeed, this is often more financially manageable than purchasing a space. You will have a monthly commitment but it will require no big deposit like buying a property.

But, you have to remember that there are negatives associated with renting in London too. Namely, it can still be a lot of money and you can actually end up paying more than the property is worth. You will have to work out whether this is the best move for your business. For example, you could save a lot of money if you were able to use a virtual office instead. This would still give you business address in the capital.

Use Your Home Address

If you already live in London, you can use your home address for your registered business address. A lot of people do not realise that you can do this. Indeed, there are many businesses that are based online and are run from home. So, if you already live in the capital city, there is no need to rent or purchase business premises. Instead, you can put your home address and this is legal.

But, you also have to be aware of the downside of using your home address as your business address. For example, some customers are going to think that it comes across as unprofessional. Customers like to do their research when they are going to be purchasing from a new brand. Indeed, they are aware of the scams that can happen on the internet nowadays. So, when they can see a business has a residential address, this can give them the wrong impression.

There is also the security and privacy side of using your home address. Everyone is going to know where you live. There is even the possibility that customers could visit your home if they want to make an inquiry about your business. There will be no separation between your personal and business life. If you have a family, this might not be something you want to do.

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