How can I insert different page numbers in Word?

How can I insert different page numbers in Word?

Add different page numbers and number formats to different sections. Choose between Introduction and Body of the document and go to Layout > Breaks > Next Page. In the body section header, uncheck Link to previous.

How to create an abbreviation list in Word?

Create a list of abbreviations in Word: Highlight the abbreviation in the text. Select the Set entry button in the References menu bar. Select the cross-reference and enter the meaning of the abbreviation. Mark the position where the list of abbreviations is to be inserted and select Set index.

How to insert a table of contents in Word?

Select the headings and format them in the style sheet. At the top, click References (References in Word 2013) and then click Table of Contents. Select Auto Table or Custom Table of Contents.

How to remove footer in Word?

You can also delete a header or footer from a page. Go to Insert > Header or Footer, and then choose Remove Header or Remove Footer. If your document has multiple sections, repeat this process for each section.

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