How Can I Know My Viva Number

You may be asking “How can I find my Viva number?” this article will provide the answer. The SIM card contains the codes that allow you to verify your phone’s identity. Kuwait’s country code is +965.

Using the USSD code “q” on your phone, you can see your balance or the remaining amount of credit or minutes on your account. To check your balance in Kuwait, you can also access the Viva mobile app. Using SMS, you can also check your remaining credit and minutes by sending an SMS to 567. Unlike calling a customer care center, you won’t be charged for this service.

You can also use the mobile app provided by the Viva network (STC). This app is available for Android and iOS devices. After downloading the app, you will be able to check your remaining credit. You can also check the status of your balance by dialing *222#. However, you must first be logged in to access the dashboard. Then, enter your password to access the dashboard.

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