How can I learn to love my body?

How can I learn to love my body?

Reset Diaries: Body Positivity – 9 tips to learn to love your body. Compliment yourself. Healthier, not slimmer. Give compliments to others. Surround yourself with positive influences. Focus on the things you like about yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others.

What to do if you are dissatisfied with your job?

Stress, lack of recognition and problems with colleagues or the boss: there can be many different reasons why you are dissatisfied with your job. The good news: You can often reduce or eliminate pent-up frustration at work with small changes.

How is dissatisfaction shown?

Dissatisfaction is an attitude towards yourself and others that makes you feel uncomfortable, grumpy, unbalanced, frustrated, and irritable. Restlessness, difficulty concentrating and sometimes aggression can also occur. Dissatisfaction is often accompanied by fears, worries and doubts.

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