How can I link my LinkedIn profile How can I link my LinkedIn profile?

How can I link my LinkedIn profile?

To find your public profile url: Tap your profile picture> View Profile. Go down to the Contact Us section. Under the Your Profile section, find your public profile url. You can copy and paste the link to link it to to share with other people.

How do you create a post on Linked In?

Post an Article on LinkedIn At the top of the home page, click Write an Article. Click in the Heading field to enter the headline of your article. Click in the Enter your text here field to write your article. Click Publish at the top right of the page. More entries …

Where can I find my XING link?

You can see the link to your XING profile in the address bar of your browser if you are on your own profile page. It is usually

How do I include my XING profile in my résumé?

You can use the contents of your XING profile to quickly and easily create a personal résumé at or and download it as a PDF. To do this, simply click on the button Adopt data on / and then on From the XING profile.

Why is my XING profile not displayed on Google?

If a XING profile can still be found on Google or other search engines after deletion, this is because the profile page is still stored in the search engine operator’s cache.

What does external visitor mean at XING?

If you see an external visitor in the list, it means that a non-member has viewed your profile.

Can you add pictures afterwards on Instagram?

The old characteristic of one photo per post is broken: in future, users will be able to publish up to ten photos and videos in a single post – or add them later.

How Many Characters LinkedIn Post?

Link posts on LinkedIn should always contain activating text. This can have a maximum length of 1,300 characters. This also includes the hashtags used.

Is LinkedIn Social Media?

LinkedIn and Xing are trying to attack the top dogs among social networks in their core business, targeted, personalized advertising. LinkedIn has 530 million members worldwide, around a quarter of Facebook users.

How can I post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn itself asks its members to make contributions, which they then advertise. All you need is a tweet with the article and the addition “@LinkedinPulse”. Tags are a great way for your posts to be found.

How does LinkedIn work for businesses?

A company page acts as the voice of your organization on LinkedIn. It helps members learn more about your company, school, brand, products, services, and job opportunities. You must have a Company Page to be able to interact with members on LinkedIn as a Company.

How often to post on LinkedIn?

Tuesday through Thursday are the best days to post content on LinkedIn, ideally either early morning, noon, or early evening, according to this data. Tuesday has a bonus hour between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., which also brings good results.

How do I post a post on Xing?

For your new contribution, please click on “Create new topic”, you will find the button in the right bar at the top. 6. Enter your desired heading in the upper field. Write your contribution in the field below.

How can I recommend a link on Xing?

This is how you can recommend a link for an interesting website to your contacts: Click in the navigation on the left on Home. Click on the light gray input field at the top of the screen (“Share article, photos, links – or just a thought”). In the window that opens, paste the link and, if necessary,

How often do you post on XING?

Post for XING at the best times. On XING, this is between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays, but publish on each channel at different times or on different days.

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