How can I persuade my parents to get a dwarf hamster?

How can I persuade my parents to get a dwarf hamster?

Answer your parents’ questions. If not, show your parents that you really want a hamster by considering what they’re saying and then giving them an answer. If you don’t know how to reply, ask them if you can do more research and tell them later.

What do I have to consider if I want to have a dog?

With a dog, you will have running costs in addition to the (relatively low) purchase price. Whether food, equipment, taxes, insurance, money for training and possibly care, medication or expensive visits to the vet: you should count on 100 to 200 euros per month.

How do I get my parents to get rabbits?

think about it carefully and explain your arguments to your parents. tell your parents that you thought about it for a long time and also found out about these animals. if they allow you then I would advise you to buy at least two.

How do I get my parents to buy a cat?

If a family member has a cat allergy, you will not be able to convince your parents to have a cat. Try another pet instead. If you really love cats, volunteer at an animal shelter so you can spend time with kittens.

What do I have to consider when keeping rabbits?

Even if you let your rabbits run around in your room every day, you won’t be able to keep them busy. You can only do justice to the animals by keeping them in a well-designed, spacious enclosure with enough freedom of movement, opportunities to dig and contact with other animals.

What does a rabbit need to feel good?

Straw made from wheat, oats or barley or dust-free bedding such as wood shavings are tried and tested here. Chopped straw or straw pellets are becoming increasingly popular. Rabbits feel very comfortable in littered hutches, but the amount of work involved in cleaning should not be underestimated.

What can you play with rabbits?

As a basic remedy you need a clicker and some treats (e.g. small pieces of carrots or apples). The first step is to spread the treats over a small area of ​​the freewheel. When your rabbit runs to the treats, this desired behavior is rewarded with a click.

What do rabbits need?

Rabbits can weigh up to 10 kg and therefore need a lot of space! They need special food like grass, special hay and fresh vegetables, food with grain in it is unhealthy for them! They particularly like leaves and branches, for example from hazel bushes.

What do you need for a rabbit hutch?

The following items belong in the rabbit hutch: Housing. When you set up your new rabbit hutch, a dwelling should not be missing. potions. food bowl. hayrack. Activity material: digging box, gnawing wood, toys, etc. Floor design: bedding and litter.

What does a dwarf rabbit need in a cage?

How big does a dwarf rabbit cage have to be? In general, the same applies to dwarf rabbits when it comes to cage size: the bigger, the better. Experts and animal rights activists recommend a size of at least 2 m² per rabbit – as long as they are housed permanently in a cage and are only allowed to exercise by the hour.

How often do you feed rabbits?

Rabbits should be given fresh food once or twice a day – a total of around 100g/kg body weight. These portions should be made up as follows: 1/2 to 2/3 well-structured, i.e. high-fiber food, such as: grass, herbs and dandelion.

What should rabbits eat?

The only sensible and species-appropriate dry food for rabbits is dried raw fiber and dried fruit and vegetables: hay. dried herbs. dried dandelion. dried vegetables. dried fruit.

What do dwarf rabbits prefer to eat?

Food list vegetables: Which vegetables can dwarf rabbits eat?Aubergines (only ripe fruits, only without greens)Spinach (only in small quantities)Broccoli.Cauliflower.Chicory (only the inner leaves)Lamberg lettuce.Lettuce.Fennel (tubers and greens)

How many grams of feed for rabbits?

Good to know. Rabbits need about 100 grams of feed per kilogram of body weight per day. For example, for a rabbit weighing 3 kilograms, this results in a feed requirement of approx.

Can Rabbits Eat Too Much?

Unlike us humans, rabbits do not eat in meals but small amounts over and over again. So your digestive tract is evenly loaded. If the digestive tract is not evenly loaded (a portion of green fodder and then only hay again, etc.), indigestion often occurs.

What Grains Are Best For Rabbits?

Seeds List Seeds, Grains, Seeds and CerealsAnise. Anise seeds are allowed to be fed, they are aromatic seeds that are good for health. nettle. Nettle seeds have a diuretic and stimulating effect. dari Darisaate are edible and can turn faeces white.Dill. Spelt. Fennel. Barley. grass seed.

How much dandelions can a rabbit eat?

But there’s no number of dandelions you can give your bunnies. Mine get dandelions every day in the summer. And I give so much that everyone has their portion. So if your rabbits are used to it, you can feed them every day and give them plenty.

What weeds can rabbits eat?

What natural plants can my rabbits eat? Which ones are poisonous? There are hundreds of wild herbs in Germany, unfortunately not all of them can be eaten by rabbits. Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) Wild garlic (Meum athamanticum) goat’s beard (Tragopogon) variegated crown vetch (Securigera varia)

How much parsley can a rabbit eat?

Parsley is also part of my daily menu, but only in small quantities and thoroughly mixed with other varieties. I eat 6-8 sprigs of parsley per day for 2 rabbits. In total, it hardly matters.

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