How can I repeat a semester?

How can I repeat a semester?

The most important things at a glance: Basically, semesters cannot be repeated, only the corresponding examinations. It is important to know the study plan and the study regulations so that you do not experience any nasty surprises if you fail an exam.

How many exams can you take in a semester?

On average, every student in Germany has 6 to 7 exams per semester. And the corresponding exam material sometimes varies so much that you get the feeling of being enrolled in two or three completely different courses. Parallel learning has it all.

Are you allowed to work 12 days at a time?

So most employees are not allowed to work more than six days at a time. You can actually be obliged to work more than six days at a time – even up to twelve days. However, there is one restriction: at least 15 Sundays per year must remain non-working.

Is it allowed to work 7 days at a time?

Working seven days at a time is allowed. For Sundays and public holidays, however, compensatory days must be granted within the statutory time limits (2 weeks for Sunday work and 8 weeks for public holiday work) (Section 11 of the Working Hours Act).

How many days off after 12 days of work?

12 days of work in a row – not uncommon in Germany either. There are several industries where workers work 12 days in a row. In geriatric care and in the hospital, for example – as a rule, after 12 days of work in these areas, there are four days off in a row.

How many days can you work in a row according to the Working Hours Act?

According to the Working Hours Act, 19 working days in a row are possible. However, when organizing working hours, the secured ergonomic findings (§ 6 ArbZG) should be taken into account. One of these insights is that there should be no work periods of 7 or more working days in a row.

Is it allowed to work 10 days at a time?

November 2017 in case C‑306/16 interpreted the EU working time directives and came to the conclusion that employees must work up to twelve days at a time without a day off if the employer instructs them to do so.

How many days a month do you have to be free?

This is why the monthly working hours and the annual calculation differ nationwide. Different public holidays apply in Germany. In 2016, employees in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg and Saarland had the most days off (12 in total).

How many days a week do you have to be free?

German law: Maximum 13 consecutive working days. If the substitute rest day is granted after the work done on Sunday, at least one day up to and including Saturday of the week after next must be free.

How many free weekends am I entitled to?

According to Section 11 Paragraph 1 of the Working Hours Act, you are entitled to at least 15 free Sundays a year. Then there are the vacation weeks. The minimum holiday, according to Section 3 of the Federal Holidays Act, is 24 working days.

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