How can I send a fax with the PC?

How can I send a fax with the PC?

Windows 10: Sending a fax – this is how it works Start “Windows Fax and Scan”. Click on “New Fax” in the upper left corner. As soon as you have completed the wizard, the fax window will appear. You can also attach images or PDF files using the paper clip symbol. You can send the fax using the “Send” button.

Can I call a fax number?

Yes, the fax and telephone number can be the same. A fax switch is built into our combined fax and telephone device. When you receive a call, this is passed on to the built-in telephone; when a fax arrives, it is printed out. Both on the same number.

Can I send a fax by email?

Sending a fax is child’s play: You simply enter the destination fax number as an e-mail address in the format “” (eg: “”) and attach the fax. Our online fax server receives your e-mail, converts it into fax format and faxes your document to the destination fax number.

How do I send a fax without a fax machine?

Thanks to modern internet technology, you no longer need your own fax machine to send and receive faxes. Faxes can also be created directly on a PC, tablet or smartphone and sent and received via an online fax service.

How do I send a fax with the Fritzbox?

How do I send a fax with the Fritzbox? To send a fax, click on “Telephony” on the left, then on “Fax”. Now select the “Send fax” tab at the top.

What kind of cable do you need for faxing to Fritzbox?

The cable for the fax should only be narrower than the RJ45 LAN cable. The assignment of the wires is the same. You just have to push it in the middle of the larger socket on the RJ45 until it clicks into place.

How does Fritz Fax work?

Sending and receiving faxes Go to the Fax menu item. Call the user interface fritz. Assign phone number and sender name. After clicking on “Set up fax function”, assign a phone number for sending and a sender name. Select the storage location for fax documents. Select the storage location for incoming faxes.

Which cables do you need for fax machines?

Connection cable with TAE-N plug on Western plug (RJ11 – assignment 6P4C) according to US standards for newer ancillary devices * (modem, answering machine, fax, etc.)

How do I connect a fax machine to the Fritzbox 7590?

Setting up an external fax machine in the FRITZ! Box In the FRITZ! Box user interface, click on “Telephony”. In the “Telephony” menu, click on “Own Numbers”. Click on the “Connection Settings” tab. In the “Telephony Connection” section, click on “Change settings”. Activate the option “Fax transmission also with T.

How do I connect a multifunction device with fax?

2 Set up fax / telephone Connect the multifunction device with an analog extension of the FRITZ! Box (eg “FON 1”). Set up the multifunction device in the FRITZ! Box as a fax machine. If the device has an integrated telephone, set it up as a combined telephone and fax device.

How do I connect a printer with fax?

Printer: Connect the fax correctly to the IP connection To do this, plug the fax cable (with RJ11 plug) into the fax connection (1-LINE) on the printer. Here you connect the fax to the printer. You plug the other end into one of the telephone sockets on the back of your router.

Can I fax over WLAN?

It is now possible to send a fax without a telephone line. Not all devices are suitable for sending faxes over WLAN. Currently you can only send a fax with the FritzBox. To do this, simply log into the router directly and write your fax there.

Can you still fax?

Another fax today? Fax technology was introduced in 1979 and has been around for more than 30 years. In Germany in particular, it benefited from the introduction of ISDN and thus occupied the second connection. It can now also be easily integrated into a telephone system.

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