How can I send an email?

How can I send an email?

Write an email Open the Gmail app on your Android smartphone or tablet. In the lower right corner, tap “Write”. Enter the recipients in the “To” field. You can also add recipients like this: Enter a subject. Write your message. Tap on “Send” at the top.

How do I send documents as PDF?

Open the first document and start printing. Here you have the option of selecting “PDFCreator” and then clicking on “Merge”. Now the other PDFs have to be selected in order to create a single PDF from them at the end with “Merge all”.

How can I send large files via email?

Larger files can be emailed by creating a share link to a file or folder stored in Dropbox. In Dropbox, hover over a file or folder that you want to email and click Share.

How can I create a PDF file?

Drag and drop to create PDF files In Windows Explorer or the Mac OS Finder, select the icons for one or more files, and then drag the file icons onto the Acrobat icon. (Windows only) You can also drag the files into the open Acrobat window. Save the PDF file.

How do you create a PDF file for mobile phones?

This is how it works: Open the file that you want to save as a PDF – for example a Word or Excel document. Tap the three-dot icon at the top and then tap “Print”. Then you can select the option “Save as PDF”. Define the storage location for the file – the smartphone will do the rest for you.

How can I turn a Word file into a PDF file?

How to convert a Microsoft Word file into a PDF document: Click on the Select file button above, or drag the desired file directly into the conversion area. Select the DOC file that you want to convert to PDF format. After the upload, Acrobat will automatically convert the file.

How to create an Ipad PDF file?

Open the photo you want to convert in the Photos app. Click the Share extension and then click Save to Files at the bottom. Open the Files app and long-press the picture. You can now choose “Create PDF”.

How can I create documents with the iPad?

Create filesOpen the Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides app on your iPhone or iPad. In the lower right corner, tap Create. You can choose to use a template, a new document, a new spreadsheet, or a new presentation want to create.

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