How can I send an unsolicited application?

How can I send an unsolicited application?

Example formulations: I am dying to face the new task with my skills and experience and to master it. I would be happy to personally convince you of my motivation and suitability. I look forward to a suggested date for the interview.

Where do you have to be good to become an engineer?

Not only should you have good grades in chemistry, biology and physics, but you should also have a strong interest in scientific topics in general. Soaking up science shows like a sponge is a good place to start. You shouldn’t underestimate the math part either!

What kind of engineer earns the most?

According to Stepstone, you earn most in management. Depending on the length of employment, you can earn from 45,500 euros to 96,221 euros annually in these areas of activity. As an engineer, you can also earn the most in mechanical engineering and vehicle technology. Up to 76,637 euros respectively.

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