How can I send email to multiple recipients at the same time?

How can I send email to multiple recipients at the same time?

With both Outlook and Thunderbird you can send an e-mail to several recipients at the same time by entering several addresses in an address field (To, Cc, Bcc). In Outlook, separate the individual addresses from one another with a semicolon, in Thunderbird with a comma.

How can I send an email to multiple recipients without them seeing each other?

It’s not that difficult at all. The simplest solution is to address the e-mail to yourself while placing the recipient in the BCC field (blind copy) of the mail program or webmailer. This works for any number of addresses. Recipients then do not see who the letter was addressed to.

When do I use CC?

bcc stands for “blind carbon copy”. The method of sending e-mails is identical to cc. The difference, however, is that no e-mail addresses other than that of the sender are displayed for the recipients. This function is always useful if the recipient list is very extensive.

When is CC and when is BCC?

You should use “Cc” if you want recipients to be visible to all other recipients and you want to start an e-mail thread with this group. If, on the other hand, you want to have recipients on the e-mail distribution list who should not be visible to the other recipients of the e-mail, use “Bcc”.

What does BCC and CC mean for email?

The abbreviation “BCC” stands for “blind carbon copy”. If you receive a mail and are set in BCC, you will also see a copy of the message as with CC – with the difference that you cannot see who else received the mail in BCC.

What is CC in chat?

CC stands as an abbreviation for: Media and communication: Carbon Copy (carbon copy), in e-mail for other recipients of copies, see header (e-mail) #CC: Carbon Copy, the copy.

Can you see who is in BCC?

The BCC field is not transmitted to the recipient, so no recipient can tell to whom a copy of the email was sent. Whether the BCC field is / remains visible for the sender depends on the email program used.

What is a blind copy in email?

If you receive an e-mail in which your e-mail address is not noted as either a recipient or a copy recipient, the sender has entered you as a blind copy recipient. If you are not listed as the primary or copy recipient in the header of spam emails, you should not attach particular importance to it.

What does blind copy BCC mean?

BCC is an abbreviation for Blind Carbon Copy and means blind copy. This blind copy is sent via e-mail with the correspondence without the “blind” recipient being noticed by others.

How can I send a blind copy of my email?

With Gmail you can send an e-mail as a blind copy by clicking on Bcc in the To field on the right-hand side and entering the addressees of the blind copy in the Bcc line that appears.

How can you make BCC visible?

First open a new message – for example with the key combination [Strg+N]. Go to “Options” in the menu bar at the top. Directly below you will find the button “Show fields”> “Bcc”. By clicking on it, you can permanently show or hide the Bcc field for new emails.

How do I do blind copy?

After you enable the Bcc field, it will always appear when composing a message until you disable it. Compose a new email message, then click Options> Bcc. In the Bcc box, add recipients, compose your message, and then select Send.

How do I make a blind copy?

To send an e-mail as a blind copy, do not write the e-mail addresses of the recipients in the To or Cc field, but in the Bcc field.

Is BCC Really Safe?

BCC ALSO INCREASES IT SECURITY The icing on the cake when using the “Bcc” field is also the associated improvement in IT security. The larger the target group, the greater the likelihood that some of the bodies involved are infected with malware.

How many addresses can you take in BCC?

An email can be sent to a maximum of 150 recipients (“To”, “CC” or “BCC”) at the same time. If this number is exceeded, the SMTP server responds with the error message “too many recipients”. The entire email was then not sent.

How many emails can I send per day?

A normal, private e-mail account can send up to 10,000 e-mails per day. It is normal for one or two of the suspicious mechanisms mentioned above to work, so that it can happen that a user’s e-mails are blocked after around 5,000 e-mails.

Who can see CC?

The people in the CC receive a copy of the mail. Every recipient of the mail can see who is in the CC. The abbreviation BCC stands for “blind carbon copy”. All people who are in the BCC receive a blind copy.

Why put yourself in CC?

Anyone who is in the »CC« of an email does not have to take action, but only receives a message for information. Because with them you send messages to people without the actual recipient noticing.

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