How can I spice up my resume?

How can I spice up my resume?

Here are a few points you can use to upgrade a résumé that is too thin: Volunteering in associations or in social projects. Continuing and further education, including autodidactic orchid subjects, additional courses and practical projects, blogs and other (professional) publications in which you write. More Entries …

Is housewife and mother a job?

Until the 1960s, the role of the housewife and mother was regarded as the “natural profession of women” in Germany in accordance with the model of family policy. Today, the role of housewife and mother is often just one of many options women can choose between.

Is being a mother a job?

This is how much you would earn if “mother” were a recognized profession. We know that being a mother is a full-time job that receives far too little recognition. Those who want to work AND be a mother, on the other hand, often have to tear themselves apart for years – and are mostly criticized.

What can I work as a mother?

After maternity leave and parental leave, many mothers want to take advantage of part-time work in order to combine work and family… .Best part-time jobs for mothers-sellers. Cashier. Secretary. Receptionist. Caregiver. Nanny. Waitress. Call center agent.

How long can a mother stay at home?

If parents look after their children themselves, fathers and mothers are entitled to up to three years of parental leave. However, this does not automatically mean that they stay at home from the birth of their offspring until their child’s third birthday.

How long should you stay at home with your newborn?

Then stay at home: “If the baby gets wet, it cools down very quickly,” says the pediatrician. At minus temperatures down to minus ten degrees Celsius: a mini excursion of around 15 minutes should be enough. If the temperatures drop below that, newborns and babies up to three months should stay indoors.

How long can I stay home because of my child?

In the event of illness, each parent is entitled to ten working days off per child and year. However, if there are three or more children, the maximum total is 25 days. As a single parent, you are entitled to double the time, i.e. 20 and a maximum of 50 days per child.

How long can the man stay at home after giving birth?

Parental leave as a father is generally limited to a maximum of 36 months and can be taken as soon as the child is born. It is also possible to take only a few months, weeks or days of paternity leave, as there is no minimum length per se.

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