How Can I Transfer Balance From Robi To Gp

Using your GP number, you can transfer your Robi balance to your GP number. First, dial the Robi balance transfer code: *141#. Once you have the code, select the appropriate Robi number and enter the amount. You will receive an SMS with your PIN. This PIN is either 4 or 6 digits. After that, you can proceed to the next step of the transfer process.

After you have successfully registered with the service, send a SMS to the recipient’s Robi number and provide the recipient’s number. After the transfer is confirmed, the recipient will receive a text with a PIN code. Then, enter the correct PIN code to confirm the transfer. The recipient’s number will need to have at least 60 Taka in their account before the transfer will be successful.

To transfer your Robi balance to your GrameenPhone number, you must contact the operator. If your recipient doesn’t have the number, you can ask them to send you the number. Once the recipient receives your SMS, they will receive your payment. Then, they will get an email with the details. This will also help them in transferring their balance to their Robi device.

When you have a Robi number, you can transfer it to a GP mobile number. The process is easy. All you have to do is send an SMS to the recipient’s mobile phone. The recipient will receive a PIN code by replying to the text message. To disable the transfer, send a text message to 1210 (disable SMS) or cancel it by sending an SMS to the number you wish to send the balance to.

To transfer a Robi number to a Banglalink number, you must first register the GP mobile number with your Robi mobile phone. Then, you must send a REG message to the 1000 Robi number. The recipient will receive a PIN that they can use to transfer their balance. Once the process is complete, the recipient can check their balance with their GP.

After you’ve registered your GP mobile number, you can send an SMS to transfer a Robi balance to another mobile phone. After you’ve received the SMS, enter the number of the recipient. If you want to transfer a Robi balance, you need to enter the recipient’s phone number. The recipient must have 60 Paisa in his or her account. After the transfer is complete, you can start making calls.

The easiest way to transfer a Robi balance is to contact the Robi operator and ask them how to do it. Most Robi operators have a simple process to perform a Robi balance transfer. However, if you have to transfer a Robi balance to another Robi number, you can contact your Robi operator to request the transfer. It’s easy to do, and it’s free.

After entering the recipient’s name, enter the amount of Taka. You can then transfer the money to a Robi account. Usually, this is done without much effort. You should also be able to transfer your Robi balance to a friend’s Robi account. But, if you’re not sure how to do it, you can always ask the Robi operator for help.

If you’re wondering how to transfer a Robi balance to a GP, don’t worry! It’s very easy to transfer your Robi balance to a GrameenPhone number. Simply call your recipient and enter the amount of Taka you’d like to transfer. If the transfer fails, follow the instructions to make the transfer. This process is quick and easy, and you’ll be glad you did it.

The first step in transferring a Robi balance to a GP number is to activate the Robi Balance Transfer service. To activate the transfer feature, you must have a GP account. To activate the service, you must dial *121*1500#, then press “1” or “2” to register and complete the transfer. By following these steps, you can easily transfer a Robi balance to a GM or GP mobile phone.

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