How can I translate YouTube videos to German?

How can I translate YouTube videos to German?

You can change the original language of a video if it has been set incorrectly. Log in to YouTube Studio. Select Videos in the menu on the left. Click on the video’s title or thumbnail. Go to the Advanced tab. Select the drop-down menu. Select the language from the Video Language menu and then click Save.

Why does YouTube translate titles?

Video titles in your own language: why is YouTube doing this? You will only see the German title of an English video if your language is set to “German”. The language can only be changed if a video title is available for the corresponding language.

What is a subtitle?

Subtitles (UT) denote lines of text that are placed below or next to images in order to provide written information about what is shown.

How do I turn off the subtitle?

You can usually turn off the subtitle with just one button. On the remote control you will find the “AD / SUBT” button or just “SUBT”. Alternatively, press the “Menu” button on the remote control. Select the “Accessibility” category under “System”.

What is a subtitle on a book?

A book title describes the work title of a book, but also of a scroll (see Sillybos) under which it appears (is published) and is listed in title lists. Often, additional information is added to the main title in a subtitle or secondary title.

What does CC stand for in subtitles?

What are CC Subtitles? What does closed caption mean? In principle, closed captions are also subtitles. They expand the description of what can also be heard.

What does cc mean in films?

As with OV, it is the original language version, which has been supplemented with subtitles. “CC” stands for “Closed Caption” and is the subtitle track for the hearing impaired.

What does forced subtitle only mean?

mostly the forced subtitles are “deutsch 2” or “deutsch 3”. if you switch them on at the beginning of the film (on the copied dvd), they only come when a foreign language is spoken. If there are compulsory subtitles, it does not mean that there must be multiple subtitle tracks.

What subtitles does Netflix have?

On devices manufactured before 2014, the Netflix app may not support subtitles for some languages ​​such as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Romanian, or Vietnamese, but many newer devices support such subtitles.

How do I turn off the subtitles on Netflix?

To turn it off: Go to Settings. Select System Settings. Select Console Settings. Select Display. Select Subtitles. Select Off. Save settings and exit. Then start playing your title again.

Can you set subtitles on Netflix?

Set and customize subtitles and subtitles for the hearing impaired: Go to your Netflix account page from a web browser. Under Profiles and Parental Controls, select a profile. Under Subtitle Display, select Change.

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