How can I write a daily report?

How can I write a daily report?

Conclusion: 5 tips for writing a daily report Describe the activities and experiences that you made on one day in their chronological order. Leave out unimportant information. Use the technical terms you’ve learned, but explain them briefly so that an outsider can understand them.More posts…•

How long does an internship report have to be?

As for the number of pages, this is often related to your level of education. If you are still in middle school, 5-10 pages are usually sufficient. From high school, an internship report should be around 10-15 pages long, and up to 25 pages are quite common at university.

When is the internship report written?

Important: Choose the correct tense for your internship report. Basically, there are two tenses that can be used for written work: past tense (past tense) and present tense, i.e. the present tense.

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