How can I write a good fable?

How can I write a good fable?

Would you like to write a fable? What to watch out for! The story shouldn’t be too long. Fables are very short stories. Don’t name too many topics. Don’t choose too many different animals. Each animal has a unique trait. The moral must be recognizable.

Why are animals used in the fable instead of people?

Even in ancient times, the fable poets chose animals as acting “persons”, because they were protected from persecution and censorship. Anyone who heard or read a fable usually noticed who was actually meant, a smart man from the neighborhood, smart as a fox, or a stupid person, stupid as a donkey.

Why was the fable so popular in the Enlightenment?

Purpose of Enlightenment Fables The Enlightenment Fables were written to draw attention to the flaws in an absolutist system of government. The printing press and leaflets made it possible to bring news and texts to the reader in large quantities.

What is the result of a fable?

In speech and counter-speech, action and counter-action, a dramatic event takes place, which comes to a head and culminates in a surprising moment, a punch line. At the end of the fable (solution) the result is reported. The poet’s intention emerges from the interpretation of the legendary parable.

What are fables stories?

The word fable comes from Latin and means something like story or story. Fables are special stories in which animals (or plants) always take over the actions of people. The animals usually embody typical character traits of humans.

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