How can I write a good final report on my internship?

How can I write a good final report on my internship?

What belongs in the conclusion of the internship and what doesn’t? What did you particularly like about your internship? What could be done about this internship in the future (e.g. what did you learn again during the internship and what did you already know? Was the work rather demanding for you or were you often bored? Further entries … •

What do you do with a business internship?

The business internship takes place at high schools or community schools and is intended to give the students an insight into how a company works. It is also intended to convey the practical experience of everyday work with its physical and psychological stresses.

How do you make a good internship folder?

This is what the internship folder should look like Formal specifications: Your folder consists of a loose-leaf folder or a folder and contains: ➡ a cover sheet (with title, your name, type of internship, time of internship) ➡ internship certificate (can also be omitted if this was not issued ).

How to write a weekly report for training

How do you write the report booklet? Each sheet must contain your name, the year of training and the reporting period. The contents of the training must be entered at least in bullet points. However, it is best not to just write “goods receipt”, but describe your tasks in more detail.

How do I write a report for training?

Your name, the year of training and the reporting period should be on each sheet. Summarize what you have learned. It should also state how long the activities lasted. Instruction, operational instruction or other training courses are also documented in the report booklet.

How must the report book be kept?

The written proof of training must be signed by the trainer. According to the recommendations of the Federal Committee for Vocational Training, the report booklet should be kept at least weekly. The company should check the report booklet at least once a month.

How long should the report book be kept?

Please submit your proof of education within the period from to .

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