How can I write an inner monologue?

How can I write an inner monologue?

How to write an inner monologue: Briefly describe where the character is and how she is feeling at the moment: initial situation. Have the character describe the situation they experienced. Write in the first person and, if possible, adopt the character’s way of thinking and speaking, e.g.

How to write verbatim speech in the book?

This is how you proceed: First you write quotation marks below, then the direct speech, then quotation marks above. This is followed by a comma, the accompanying sentence and then you write another comma.

How do you do the quotation marks like in books?

Here’s how it works: First, as explained earlier in this article under “Insert Symbol” or “ASCII Code”, write the quotation marks you want to use in a new document. Then you mark the leading characters (») and then click on Ctrl+C.

How do I make quotes below in Word?

Word Shortcuts for Quotation Marks Single quotation mark below: [ALT] +0130. Single quote above: [ALT] +0145 as well [ALT] + 0146. Normal quote below: [ALT] + 0132. Normal quote above: [ALT] +0147 as well [ALT] +0148.

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