How can I write my biography?

How can I write my biography?

In general, writing a biography is about reporting as completely and authentically as possible. However, if you only want to present a certain aspect, for example how you mastered a stroke of fate, then it is better to write memories or memoirs.

What is an autobiographical text?

An autobiography is self-explanatory in the true sense of the word: it is the writing of your own life. But it can appear in different forms: in short prose, in letters, in novels and in dramas to name but a few. The most common form of autobiography is the diary entry.

How much does an author earn on a book?

If you assume that this edition will be sold in full (for a hardcover book for 20 euros), then the author hardly earns more than 8,000 euros – with a creation time of around one year, the writer earns around 667 euros gross per month, because of this are taxes, health insurance contributions and …

How much does an author earn with a bestseller?

It takes a writer about two years to write a novel. A bestselling author who earned, say, 20,500 euros from the sale of his novel has a net monthly income of 854 euros.

How many books do you have to sell to be able to make a living?

Few can make a living from their work. So only a few percent of them can make a living from their work, even less well, extremely few very well. A simple calculation illustrates this: In Germany, a book is definitely a bestseller if it has been sold 100,000 times.

How many books are there in an edition?

The average circulation of a novel, for example (as of September 2004), is around 4,000 copies for Suhrkamp or CH Beck, and 2,000 to 3,000 copies for scientific books. Volumes of poetry (even by well-known authors) range between 10 copies.

Can you get rich as a writer?

The advances from the publishers are accordingly: If a publisher calculates that the manuscript can land a major commercial success, the advances are significantly higher. Smaller publishers offer unknown authors a few 1,000 euros as an advance payment, usually less than 5,000 euros.

How can you make money from a bookstore?

Because a bookstore gets the books at the purchase price, which should generally differ from the customer’s purchase price. Whether the customer orders books online through the bookstore or buys them directly in the store, the bookstore earns an average of 30 percent of the sales price on every book sold.

How much do you earn as a self-publisher?

One can therefore speak of increasing professionalism with certainty. For the successful self-publishers (income> 2500 € per month) the average expenditure per book is 1460 euros. So you could say: almost every successful indie writer can do an editing.

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