How can one describe language skills?

How can one describe language skills?

Evaluation scale for the specification of language skills in the curriculum vitae School knowledge or basic knowledge Good knowledge (possibly with the addition of spoken and written) Very good knowledge or fluent (possibly with the addition of spoken and written) Business fluent Mother tongue

What does A 1 mean?

Explanation of language level A1: Words and sentences that are already known and relevant in everyday life are understood. Holders of this language level can introduce themselves and other people and ask strangers questions about themselves.

What does German language skills a1 mean?

German courses and German exams. Can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple sentences aimed at meeting specific needs.

Which level of English after secondary school?

With the final exam in the 10th grade, our students reach level B1 + of the common European framework of reference for languages. As early as the 9th grade, you can voluntarily take the PET test, which is offered by the Cambridge Institute and tests competencies at level B1.

What language level do you have after graduation in German?

Basically, you should have reached level B1 after completing compulsory school, after having passed the Matura B2.

What language level do you have after the 10th grade?

10th grade: B1 + 12th grade: B2 + (C1 in reading)

What language level do you have with a high school diploma?

If you have passed the Abitur, your certificate is direct evidence of the B2 language level in English. There are official language tests with which you can determine or prove your language level.

Which language level Spanish Abitur?

In practical terms, you can pass the Abitur in Spanish just like that (more A2) or excellent (more B2). The level B1 from the Abitur is therefore very ambiguous. Many universities and jobs therefore expect a Spanish language certificate in addition to the Abitur.

When do you have French B2?

LevelsConseil de l’EuropeDELF / DALFTEFA1 Elementary use of languageA1Level 0 to 0+ 0 to 68 points Level 1 69 to 203 pointsA2 Elementary use of languageA2Level 2 204 to 360 pointsB1 Independent use of languageB1Level 3 361 to 540 pointsB2 Independent use of languageB2Level 4 541 to 698 points1 more row

What language level do you have after 4 years of French?

Language level B1 of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​of the Council of Europe” – independent use of the language – is proven by fulfilling one of the following criteria: School certificates proving the foreign language for at least 4 years.

What level is b2?

Upper beginner level (EF SET 51 – 60) The English B2 level is the fourth English proficiency level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(GER), a language level scale introduced by the Council of Europe.

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