How can one represent thoughts in a text?

How can one represent thoughts in a text?

Identify thoughts and verbatim speech in the novel Variant 1: double and single quotation marks. Thank you, Luisa, said Peter. Variant 2: thoughts in italics. Instead of putting the thoughts in single quotation marks, you can also write them in italics: Option 3: no labeling. Verbatim speech in thought or verbatim speech.

Are thoughts enclosed in quotation marks?

Quotation marks are placed in front of and behind verbatim expressions and thoughts (direct speech) as well as verbatim text passages (quotations).

How do you put literal speech?

Verbatim speech, accompanying sentence and verbatim speech This is how you proceed: First you write quotation marks below, then the verbatim speech, then quotation marks above. This is followed by a comma, the accompanying sentence and then you write a comma.

When do you put quotation marks?

The quotation marks come before and after verbatim statements or thoughts and text passages. If the direct speech or the quotation is interrupted, the individual parts of the text are put in quotation marks. The successful man is, it says in this book, the average man, focused.

When in italics and when in quotation marks?

Quotation marks: Quotation marks are used for direct speech and quotations. No italics are used where there are quotation marks (unless the original text is italic, see below). There are also quotation marks when you mean the word and not the thing, such as: “Milk is very nutritious.

Which words in quotes?

These include: Words or groups of words (e.g. proverbs, utterances) about which you want to make a statement. ironic emphasis. For example: This “Rampensau” gave an incredibly boring lecture. Cited headings, work titles (e.g.

Where are the quotation marks?

– and to emphasize parts of words, words or parts of sentences. Basically, the following rules must be observed: – Quotation marks are placed before and after the marked word or the text passage. – The quotation mark always follows a punctuation mark at the end of a sentence, for example a period or question mark.

Where do the quotes go?

If a sentence with quotation marks is followed by a text, a period is never placed directly in front of the closing quotation mark. Only the exclamation mark and the question mark are allowed here. Directly after the closing quotation mark is a comma, then a space, then the text.

Where can I find the quotation marks on the keyboard?

If you haven’t left any space, a quotation mark will automatically appear at the top. If there are any difficulties, you can also type the key combination “Alt” + “0132” or find the quotation marks in the “Insert” area under “Symbols”.

How do you put straight quotes?

In the latest version of Word, straight quotation marks (key combination: SHIFT + 2) are automatically converted into typographic quotation marks. Origin: On the typewriter there was only one key (“) for opening and closing quotation marks.

Where is Shift on the keyboard?

The keys are in the second row from the bottom – on the very outside, above the Ctrl keys. On most keyboards, the right shift key is a bit wider. The symbol on the shift keys shows an arrow pointing upwards.

How do you enter?

Keyboard shortcut for at @ On Windows systems, the keyboard shortcut for the at sign is Alt Gr + Q. On Mac, the keyboard shortcut is Alt + L.

How can I enter the character?

The classic way to use an @ sign is to use the key combination [AltGr] + [Q]. Alternatively, you can [Strg] + [Alt] + [Q] to press. If that doesn’t work, try another combination. Hold the button [Alt] and enter 64 on the right side of the numeric keypad.

How’s going on the keyboard?

The keyboard layout relates to the assignment of the keys. Each country has different key assignments in detail. Each key has a unique code that is sent to the computer when pressed. The keys are classified in ASCII code, which consists of 128 characters (7 bits).

How do I write special characters?

Overview: The most important keyboard shortcuts for special characters If you use a fixed keyboard with a number block, you can insert special characters with the ASCII code. To do this, hold down the Alt key and then select the four-digit code on the number pad.

How do you write ø on the keyboard?

Danish letters on the PC using the keyboard Alt 155 -> øAlt 145 -> æAlt 134 -> åAlt 157 -> ØAlt 146 -> ÆAlt 143 -> Å

What are the names of the characters on the keyboard?

Keyboard characters – German and English charactersGerman designationEnglish designation * asterisk, asterisk ~ Similar to, free-standing tilde, tilde # rhombus hash, number sign – hyphen, hyphen, hyphen, minus hyphen, minus32

How do you make the character on the Windows keyboard?

Keyboard In Windows the key combination is: [Alt Gr] + [Q]In macOS the keyboard shortcut is: [Alt] + [L].

Which key combination for AT characters?

With the key combination “Alt Gr” + “Q” the character can be set quickly.

How do you do the same characters on the keyboard?

A plus, a minus or the equals sign can be found quite quickly on the keyboard. But what about plus minus, greater than or equal to or pi? … Keyboard shortcuts for mathematical symbols.Special charactersKey combination WinKey combination MacEqualShift + 0Shift + 0UnqualAlt + 0177 (numeric keypad) Alt + 0ApproximatelyAlt + X20

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