How can the mood be in a poem?

How can the mood be in a poem?

The timbre in a poem can convey moods. The vowels e and i and the diphthongs ei and eu sound light, while the sound of a, o, u, au is darker. The consonants have softer sounding (b, g, l, m, n, w) or harder or sharper ones (k, p, t, voiceless s, ß).

What is a poem analysis?

Conclusion: A poem analysis is the breaking down of a poem into individual parts (stanzas, verses or syllables). We assign a function to these elements, which we show based on our observations (rhyme scheme, stylistic devices, meter).

What effect do linguistic means have?

The reader or listener pauses and lingers for a moment because he has noticed something unexpected and thereby pays special attention to the passage in the text. The stylistic device ensures that a text passage stands out and is thus emphasized.

How do I write a communication analysis?

Structure of a communication analysis: Introductory sentence: Title / author / date of publication / period of literature / type of text / topic. Situation analysis: Analysis of the situation in which the conversation takes place. Summary of the text. Conversation analysis: Analysis of the conversation in the text, substantiate everything with text passages and an example.

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